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Quiet philanthropists

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grannyactivist Thu 10-Mar-16 16:45:59

I mentioned on another thread just now that an anonymous donor has replaced a much needed bus shelter in my town, at a personal cost of £7k and with that sort of disposable income I would be surprised if it's someone who uses the bus themselves. Another local person gives £1k each month or two to local causes, again anonymously. The charity I run, like many others here, has no end of people who are willing to help out in very many ways, sometimes giving financially and at others spending time or lending their expertise. Elsewhere in the town charities and clubs thrive on the many thousands of hours given by volunteers

It got me thinking that although we hear many tales of woe - and believe me my voice in one of those to be heard opposing a majority of cuts - there are few stories about ordinary people who quietly go about 'plugging the gaps' as it were.

I am proud that in my town, which is basically a fairly affluent, conservative (with a large and a small c) area people are incredibly generous with time, money and skills to help others.

Are you aware of something similar in happening in your area?

Teetime Thu 10-Mar-16 17:19:06

Yes volunteering time is very prevalent here at all levels. Not sure about anonymous donations though - wouldn't be would I?