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Bletchley Park

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NfkDumpling Mon 04-Apr-16 07:36:28

Enjoy Pompa I've been wanting to go for years too as my dad was there. It's just down the road from where my DD lives and we just haven't made it. I suspect it'll be really popular now with the TV series.

Dad was just an ordinary telephone engineer. I've wondered if he knew Turin in the early days as he was a PO engineer too I believe. He didn't talk about it much at all. His brother told me that dad had had an easy war as he was a reserved occupation as a PO engineer. He was dead chuffed when I told him where he'd been based!

Alima Sun 03-Apr-16 19:45:52

I visited last year and was absolutely amazed at the work done there by ordinary Wrens during the war. I'm blowed if I cauld have done as well when I was I the Mob. It is a truly remarkable place to visit.

pompa Sun 03-Apr-16 19:18:47

In fact, the boss tells me we are going there in two weeks time.

whitewave Sun 03-Apr-16 19:14:13

Did some training there in the 60s had a unique atmosphere

pompa Sun 03-Apr-16 19:03:15

We plan to visit this year.

Tizliz Sun 03-Apr-16 18:59:18

I shall have to watch that on catch up. Know Bletchley quite well, went to college there. Thanks for mentioning it, it is easy to miss programmes (surprised I didn't see it advertised).

TriciaF Sun 03-Apr-16 18:48:20

Last summer I went with family to Bletchley Park and like you, Pompa I welled up in tears as soon as I got inside. I still don't understand it, except that the atmosphere has been re-created so well, you could feel the excitement and tension.
We're watching the programme now.

pompa Sun 03-Apr-16 18:47:29

I doubt we will ever know everything that happened there as the work is still part of our current defence.

Luckygirl Sun 03-Apr-16 18:37:39

Both my parents-in-law worked at Bletchley during the war. They were both linguists. In fact they met and married there.

boheminan Sun 03-Apr-16 18:36:18

I lived in Bletchley through the 1960's and my dad and brother both worked in The Park. There was always an air of mystery to the place, but none of knew exactly the extent of the mystery until fairly recently.

tanith Sun 03-Apr-16 18:34:40

I'm enjoying it very much, we've been meaning to go to Bletchley Park for ages.

pompa Sun 03-Apr-16 18:33:36

Why is it that any programme about Bletchley park brings a tear to my eye. There were so many unsung heroes working there. Alan Turin gets plenty of air time and now Gordon Welshman, but there was also Tommy Flowers plus so many others. There is no doubt that without the boffins in hut 6, we may now be part of the German empire.