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Noisy DH - proof!

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MamaCaz Fri 08-Apr-16 18:09:32

I've lived with DH for 37 years, and one thing that I learnt very early on is that he's really noisy - he can't close a door without the whole house shaking, and when he uses the stairs or walks about upstairs, it sounds like an elephant is loose.

Today I finally got proof that it isn't all in my imagination: loads and loads of people in our region phoned the police this afternoon to report hearing what many thought was huge explosion. DS2, who doesn't live far away, ran out of his house thinking that his roof had come off. Luckily, nothing bad had happened, and it seems to have been a sonic boom.

What did we think in our house? I was in the kitchen with the DGC, and we just thought that Grandad had gone out of the back door!!! It was only when we realized that he hadn't moved from the sofa that we were slightly puzzled grin. (DH himself actually heard nothing at all, but I've teased him for ages that his hearing loss might be partly down to the noise that he makes!)