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whitewave Mon 18-Jul-16 17:45:13

Sat and watched the making of the opening ceremony out of the sun this afternoon.

I can remember feeling extremely cynical before it happened - waste of money, embarrassing etc. But watched it with GSs in Devon long house on holiday, and was completely blown away.

Danny Boyle and team were simply marvellous, and even though there was political pressure from Hunt to leave out the NHS and put in the defeat of the Facists, he stuck to his guns and the end result was absolutely wonderful, with the ordinary Brit celebrated and admired.

What a lovely thing to look back on, I can remember feeling so proud to be an ordinary Brit.

gettingonabit Mon 18-Jul-16 18:38:36

Good on Danny Boyle for not letting Hunt have his way. Like you say, it was about all of us. Couldn't help laughing at Giles Coren having to eat his words.

A fantastic spectacle. I had no idea that the chimneys were glorified blow-ups! And I took a lot of convincing that Her Maj wasn't a double.

It was surreal, witty, funny, heart-rending and brought a lump to the throat.

Eloethan Mon 18-Jul-16 18:47:43

I too was less than enthusiastic about the Olympics. I watched the opening ceremony on my own as my husband (thoroughly disgruntled because he couldn't get tickets for anything at all, so even more disenchanted than me) refused to watch it.

What a wonderful, imaginative, celebratory and totally different ceremony it was - I found it so uplifting and am so very glad I saw it.