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We sure know how to have fun!!

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annsixty Fri 22-Jul-16 11:31:49

This morning H decided as his back was aching he would have a bath instead of a shower, first bath in many years. Well to cut a very long story short , he couldn't get out.
He is 5ft 10 and 12 stone . I am a tad over 5ft ,weight not to be disclosed. He was absolutely powerless. I went to ring the ambulance service as advised in the past but, oh no, that wasn't going to happen . With a lot of large dry towels and pushing, shoving , heaving and lots of swearing we did it in 25 mins. My H never ever swears but boy did he know the right words today. I sat on the loo, seat down , at one point in hysterics and even he saw the funny side for just a few seconds.
He is 80 and I am 79 and if he ever goes near the bath again I will plead insanity at my trial.

M0nica Fri 22-Jul-16 11:43:25

Oh, *annsixty, what a morning. I hope you have (both) fully recovered. Treat yourself at lunch time and have a relaxing afternoon brew [cupcakes]

JackyB Fri 22-Jul-16 11:48:54

Sometimes you just have to have a bath. Perhaps you should get bars and other aids fitted - neither of you are getting younger and you'll be needing these more and more anyway. They will probably be useful for when you have to bend over and clean the bathtub, too!

cornergran Fri 22-Jul-16 11:49:01

Oh ann, couldn't help smiling but not really funny, you could both have been hurt. Same thing happened to a friend, the situation was solved by having the bath removed and a walk in shower and sturdy seat installed. He wasn't happy at the time but it is so much safer and he grudgingly says 'it's not bad' when asked now smile. Looks good too. We have a falls team where we live who attend similar situations, they get more than cross when they are told of struggles like yours. Say they need the call outs to keep the service. Guess that argument wouldn't hold water with your husband, but might be worth a try. Keep safe, you've a lot going on, pleased the sense of humour didn't leave you. Hope neither back has suffered.

Nannylovesshopping Fri 22-Jul-16 11:54:39

cornergran. Love the hold with water grin

Greyduster Fri 22-Jul-16 12:03:01

We thought we were going to be in the same situation when we tried out a lovely, deep, oval, double ended bath in a hotel we were staying in! We don't use the bath in our house, but at least it has handles. I got out okay, which was a surprise, but he was really struggling. At one point, he looked like a little pink jelly baby trapped inside half a hard boiled egg!

annsixty Fri 22-Jul-16 12:06:16


fiorentina51 Fri 22-Jul-16 12:09:37

Oh my! Hope all OK now?
Same thing happened when my brother was terminally ill and came to live with us for his final months. He decided he wanted a bath and couldn't get out. I was a tad younger than you at just 60 and fortunately my husband (63) was around too. As you said, much pulling and shoving from all 3 of us. Finally my husband climbed into the bath with my brother and pushed whilst I pulled and we got him out safely. We had a good laugh afterwards!

DaphneBroon Fri 22-Jul-16 13:03:43

I have been known to let the water out, sort of heave myself over onto all fours and get out that way.
We have just had a grab rail fitted to the walk in shower DH uses and I wish I had said he also has baths so could we have a grab rail beside the bath too.
(Was he all pink and wrinkly when he finally got out? TMI) grin

annsixty Fri 22-Jul-16 14:06:31

I have just been in touch with our GP surgery. We were supposed to have been contacted about a care plan being in place . Needless to say as with everything connected with our surgery it never happened and I am guilty of letting it drift.
The practice manager will ring me next week. If she doesn't I will be onto it. We were both pretty shaken up for a short while but "I haven't got where I am today" without a large sense of humour and determination.

Stansgran Fri 22-Jul-16 15:05:19

A 90 year old friend was trapped in her bath for several hours until she pulled out a pile of towels and gradually slid them underneath her to raise her up . I was impressed at her ingenuity.

rosesarered Fri 22-Jul-16 15:20:39

Keep coal in the bath ann then he won't be tempted again! grin
We have had our bathroom redone and glad to get rid of the bath/with shower over for a big shower cubicle, it looks great and is more practical.

NanaandGrampy Fri 22-Jul-16 15:39:51

oh Ann not funny....but funny!

Poor man . Its the very reason I don't use our bath, I can get in ok but getting out??? hmmmmmmm.

PRINTMISS Fri 22-Jul-16 16:04:54

Love the story Ann, just as well we can see the funny side afterwards. I once accidentally shut my husband in the up! Long time ago.

Lona Fri 22-Jul-16 16:12:59

Good job you've got a sense of humour ann. I know how difficult it is because I did it last year. Took me ages to get out and it was quite scary! grin
I hope you haven't hurt yourself though.

Willow500 Sat 23-Jul-16 11:35:52

Funny after the event but not really during it. My mum would never have a shower and as she became more and more infirm she started dragging herself out by holding onto the sink which was just as bad - eventually my dad had to help her out. They bought a clamp type handle thing that fastened to the bath which worked for a while but in the end we bought them a rise and fall seat which was battery powered. You sit on it and press the button as it lowers you into the water and then press it again to lift you back up - it's level with the bath top so you can just swing your legs over. It was invaluable when I had to start bathing my dad as he was a big man and even both my husband and I couldn't have lifted him out. There is always enough power left in the battery to bring it back up so no danger of getting stuck down there smile