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GandTea Sun 24-Jul-16 12:18:30

No Comment

NanaandGrampy Sun 24-Jul-16 12:21:37

You've got something against little blank boxes Gandtea ? smile

NanaandGrampy Sun 24-Jul-16 12:22:13

Lol the picture didn't come up .... Now it makes sense . Love it !

Liz46 Sun 24-Jul-16 12:25:34

Very good Gandtea. My OH and I are going to Chester tomorrow. Where is the seat? I can leave him on it.

cornergran Sun 24-Jul-16 12:27:09


Anniebach Sun 24-Jul-16 12:59:08

I like it

Cherrytree59 Sun 24-Jul-16 13:07:29

grin. Did you go prepared G&T
Book, newspaper, flask sandwiches??

Teetime Sun 24-Jul-16 13:39:01

My daughter has gone to Chester today does this mean I will soon be rid of my boring SIL?

miep Sun 24-Jul-16 13:53:36


ninathenana Sun 24-Jul-16 14:16:03


Grannynise Sun 24-Jul-16 18:21:32

Evidently there were/are several of these in Chester but the local council are planning to remove them as 'some people might be offended by them'. Maybe they're offensive to those with no sense of humour?

Charleygirl Sun 24-Jul-16 20:46:43

I love it!

GandTea Sun 24-Jul-16 21:03:25

Grannynise -- like this one ?

Charleygirl Sun 24-Jul-16 21:12:55

Oh dear, maybe not!

jevive73 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:49:49

I love them...

WilmaKnickersfit Sun 24-Jul-16 23:13:12

Me too! grin

WilmaKnickersfit Sun 24-Jul-16 23:17:04

Apparently they have already been removed by the council.

MiniMouse Mon 25-Jul-16 00:09:13

I suppose the Council's afraid of being sued for being 'something-ist'. What a shame sad

Juggernaut Mon 25-Jul-16 23:24:58

Well, Chester is my nearest city, and I shop there regularly, but I've never seen one of these signs.
Somehow I think they're an urban myth, or even an urban mythtergrin
One thing Chester does have far too many of is tourists......yes I know there's great history there, and beautiful buildings, but when I have to fight my way through throngs of camera toting tourists just to get to my favourite cheese shop....aaarrrggghhhhhangry

grumppa Mon 25-Jul-16 23:40:27

Reminds me of the plaque on a bench in Kew Gardens: "In memory of woman's first name and surname, who loved this place, and her husband man's first name, who didn't."

WilmaKnickersfit Tue 26-Jul-16 00:08:42

grin grumppa

Juggernaut apparently only 5 plaques have been found so far and they were in places where the council wanted to discourage anti-social behaviour with new local legislation. The signs were a protest against the changes because the protesters thought the council was really trying to target the homeless and vulnerable people. There were two well supported petitions too. This was last October BTW. (I looked it up to read about online).