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What sort of sweet would someone be?

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trisher Mon 25-Jul-16 09:15:27

OK my brain works in very strange ways and I suddenly found myself thinking what sort of sweets politicians would be. Jeremy Corbyn is of course a stick of rock with Socialist Labour written in red right the way through. Theresa May is one of those gobstoppers that change colour and you have to keep taking it out to see what colour it is now.
Any more suggestions?

ninathenana Mon 25-Jul-16 09:20:26

Boris has to be a marshmallow

trisher Mon 25-Jul-16 10:47:25

Oh YES!! Soft and squashy, so appealing but quickly melts, no real substance and you regret eating it afterwards!!!

Anniebach Mon 25-Jul-16 11:48:12

John McDonald is treacle toffee , oozes treacle

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 12:40:04


LullyDully Mon 25-Jul-16 12:41:09

Michael Gove one of those sharp,horrible Haribo that give you an annoying , shock taste.

Jane10 Mon 25-Jul-16 12:42:06

I'm the archetypal 'nippy sweetie'!

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 12:47:03

Corbyn is a stick of rock with 'I must have my own way!' All the way through it.
Theresa May is a chocolate lime, there may well be a soft centre but you have to get
Through a lot of sharpness first.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 12:51:02

Boris is a piece of Thorntons dairy toffee, sweet and pleasant to chew, but you will be
Hard put to get rid of it and may be missing a few gold fillings afterwards(eat with due care)

Jane10 Mon 25-Jul-16 12:53:15

I think there's a need for more gobstoppers in Westminster. Time to shut up and get on!

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 12:55:57

Andy Burnham is peanut brittle, looks quite tasty but breaks up too easily under a toothy onslaught.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 12:58:10

Tom Watson is a pineapple cube ( he just is.)

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 13:00:52

Cameron is a Werther, very smooth and shiny and lasts a long time, but if mouth gets hot, tends to melt and vanish.

trisher Mon 25-Jul-16 13:13:07

Oh Thank you, thank you. Brilliant ideas. I am giggling away. Do you think we could introduce it as a standard for assessing MPs??

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 13:15:54

....and just choose the sweets we like?grin

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 13:26:04

George Osborne is a mint imperial, glossy and pale from a high class sweet factory,
Rather bland.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 13:29:23

Dianne Abbot is an after eight choc, attractive packaging, crisply delivered bitter choc bite,then into over sweetness,rather cloying, you wouldn't want more than one of these with your coffee.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 13:33:16

Dennis Skinner is an old acid drop, that you left in your raincoat pocket several years ago, found one day, and dusting it off, popped it into your mouth, a bit old,a bit hairy, but still capable of giving you an acid-y shock!

Anniebach Mon 25-Jul-16 13:33:33

Corbyn a jelly baby, pleases the young

Granny2016 Mon 25-Jul-16 14:11:36

Nigel Farage,A Fishermans Friend......both for irony and that it is hard to swallow.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 19:23:12

Various Green Party MP's ( is there more than one?) and same for UKIP ( one?) fit under the heading of assorted nuts.Short shelf life, so eat quickly.

rosesarered Mon 25-Jul-16 19:24:55

Michael Gove, a tic-tac, tiny and annoying.Be careful, they can stick in your throat.

rosesarered Tue 26-Jul-16 08:43:53

Sadly (or not) some of the above sweets are now discontinued lines,and others may well be, very shortly.Some Sweets perform very well over a long period of time and others enjoy the limelight only for a few years.However, sweets may be brought back by popular demand, so it's never too late to start that petition!

trisher Tue 26-Jul-16 09:26:02

Is Tony Blair the mint humbug? I suspect there might be a few who would qualify as such!