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what next?

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Teetime Thu 10-Nov-16 10:06:45

Oh dear Shanma Some days are diamonds, some days are stones as John Denver once sang its a sad song but its so true. I hope today is a better day. flowers

vampirequeen Thu 10-Nov-16 07:41:42

Sounds like a disaster of a day (apart from the hair).

I hope today is better for you flowers

cornergran Thu 10-Nov-16 07:25:10

Days like that are just foul, shanma. I call them life's custard pie days. Sometimes I can throw the custard pies back, sometimes I can dodge but sometimes they just land. Hope you had a good sleep and today brings you a lighter spirit as well as a fixed oven and with luck less rain. sunshine.

Marelli Thu 10-Nov-16 07:00:26

I think (and hope) you'll feel a bit better this morning, Shanma.
Some days are like that, aren't they? Whatever we seem to do has a 'grey/grimness' about it - not your hair, of course, though!
The oven can be sorted (not so easy with Trump) and while it depressed you a bit, being offered a seat at the bus stop by the young lass would have made her feel good. Here's to a better day for you today. sunshine

Shanma Wed 09-Nov-16 23:49:34

Today I had a day off which is very rare. I planned a day in York which was to include a cut and hair colour, also rare( The colour bit anyway as I normally do my own), so was looking forward to that treat.
As soon as my eyes were open DH told me about Trump winning, then it was pouring down, and freezing cold, oh and my Oven is broken too.

I went to York, but my heart wasn't in it for looking around, not in that weather and worrying about the world, and the oven!

The hair though is Fantastic, I love it, but when I was waiting for the bus home a teenage girl stood up and offered me her seat at the bus stop, which is VERY sweet of her, and of course I thanked her and accepted, but instantly felt about 10 or more years older :-(.

I know all of these things are little things( Apart from Trump), but I feel really down and horrible, and old and finished now.
I am off to put my head under the Duvet now, which I suppose is safer than in the oven, but that is electric and broken anyway lol.
Hey ho tomorrow is another day...for now at least.