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light bulbs!!!!

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carerof123 Fri 16-Dec-16 11:40:11

Does anyone else find that light bulbs do not last as long as they use to even though they have a indication on the box that they will last for 2years if used for up to 2.7hours per day.

The last lot i bought i put the date on the box when i used one which was on 8th Nov 2016 and at the beginning of this week i had to replace as it wasn't working any longer. I do have the table lamps on for longer that 2.7 hours but i am sure they should last longer than approx 6weeks!!!

tanith Fri 16-Dec-16 12:59:29

We replaced all our bulbs last year with LEDs they have a very long life supposedly 20yrs. I got fed up replacing ordinary bulbs and I think they are being phased out soon anyway.

Greyduster Fri 16-Dec-16 13:43:15

Most of ours are low energy and in the five years we've been here we haven't had to replace any. Some were in when we came and the older ones take a bit of time to "warm up". We will get round to replacing them eventually! The modern ones are better. We have just replaced the light fitting in our dining room for one with l.e.d. units, and they are guaranteed for at five years, but according to John Lewis they should last a whole lot longer than that.

M0nica Fri 16-Dec-16 20:46:06

If the OP is talking about the old fashioned incandescent bulbs these haven't been available in the UK, officially, for about 5 years.

Like Tanith we replaced ours with LEDS, at least three years ago and have had no problem at all.

If your light bulbs keep going the problem could be with the electrical wiring, not the bulbs, and it might be worth considering having that checked.

I must say I have never come across the curious information that any bulb has a 'life' predicated on using it 2.7 hours a day. Even in the days of incandescent lighting would reckon that, on average light bulbs lasted more than 2 years, no matter how long you had them on.

Ana Fri 16-Dec-16 20:51:45

Our old ones certainly didn't last for two years, even if only used occasionally!

Now that the low energy bulbs are so much better it's a relief to know that I won't be having to get the stepladders out so often!

Deedaa Fri 16-Dec-16 21:25:47

Ours are nearly all LEDs and we've had no problems. Previously they were blowing all the time.

BlueBelle Fri 16-Dec-16 22:35:00

Mine have been low energy for years and only occasionally have changed one they re supposed to lasr about 10 years I think and mine do last a good long time and sometimes I ve been known to leave one on overnight by mistake so they do well However those little silver kitchen lights that you get probable fourbin a row both my daughters havevthem in their kitchens and they are always gong

I ve just had my bathroom cord pull out of the ceiling so I now can't put the light on so atmospheric showers 😳

Synonymous Sat 17-Dec-16 01:26:45

I think you are right carer the replacements for the older style light bulbs do not last very long. Fortunately we have now reached a stage where our stock has now gone and we are now completely changing everything.
We moved from a house where we had put in all modern low energy lighting to our current one where everything needs updating. We are working through them all as they blow and replacing with LED which is reminding us of what an expensive job it all is. Teetering on a stepladder is no joke either! shock
Fittings certainly do not seem so robust nowadays as we bought a new pull cord for our en-suite when we updated it just after we moved in and that has lasted barely two years. Granted they are not expensive but I would gladly pay a little more for one much stronger and guaranteed to last longer than that one did. Built in obsolescence methinks! hmm