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Update on the scary episode with Dog

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Hopehope Sat 25-Mar-17 15:15:48

Thank You all for the kind words, and advice. Good news is he is fine and dandy today. I was up four times in the night checking him in case of shock, but he slept like a Baby, and this morning was up chasing the vacuum cleaner, and scrounging for a bit of my toastsmile. I do have a lot of mats all over the kitchen too, looks awful but who cares, they serve a purpose. I have bought another rubber backed one today and slipped that under the chair and table, just in case.
I have also invested in a stand for his dishes. He saw us putting it together out in the garden and ran away from it!! I hope it is more appealing to him when his dinner is dished out.
The only trouble with all the mats is that Hubby has PD and shuffles a bit, so what is good for the Dog is not so good for him.
Dog wins!!
Anyway had a chuckle in Sainsbury this afternoon, this may give some of you a smile too. I bought some immodium as a just in case thing, my Tum is playing up what with the dog episode, and DH's looming assessment with DwP people. I had paid for everything then noticed the immodium in the trolley. " Oh gosh" I said and popped them on the counter. The girl laughed and said " well if you were done for shoplifting you could always say " I had to make a rum for it grin.
Thanks again everyone.

Hopehope Sat 25-Mar-17 15:17:07

run not rum!!

hildajenniJ Sat 25-Mar-17 15:39:48

I'm so glad your dog is okay hope. I don't know if you read the saga about my 17 he old terrier, but she's a lot better too. The steroids have had a great effect! She's got her appetite back, and yesterday she went for a longer walk than usual. Old dogs are a worry.

aggie Sat 25-Mar-17 15:48:22

My OH has Parkinson's Disease and I have had to lift all the mats after he tripped and it was such a job getting him up , he just missed hitting his head on the hearth ! I know the dog needs a mat to get a grip on the tiled floor but your OH will trip even if the mat is thin !
He is now chair bound but I still did not replace the mats

Hopehope Sat 25-Mar-17 15:48:37

Oh I had not seen that Hildajenni,glad to hear she is doing a bit better. 17 is a good age!I am sitting in the kitchen typing this, and our old Boy is hiding in the sitting room even though a tempting biscuit is in the new dish. He thinks it's a tricksmile

jacksmum Sat 25-Mar-17 19:11:10

Glad your dog is ok , i have a large off-cut of carpet on my kitchen floor so my dogs can stand on it and feed , it means the bowls do not slip or the dogs.this also means i dont have several mats on the floor which can be a trip hazard in my house .