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Easter memories when children were young.

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Juney64 Sat 01-Apr-17 03:53:35

Insomnia is my unwanted friend tonight so I've just been doing some internet wandering. At the moment there are ads everywhere regarding Easter and it brought back memories of boiling eggs on Easter Saturday and my three young sons would then love to paint their own. They made around three each. My DH and I would then hide them in the house and garden when they were asleep and only when they'd found their own eggs in the morning could they have their first chocolate egg (GP's would always buy them Easter eggs). It was a lot of fun and I miss those days.

However, on my 'travels' tonight, I came across a more streamlined version of this from Cadbury. It's not something I could use as I only have one GC and he lives in Spain. It ocurred to me though that some families may be in the fortunate position of spending time together with little ones over Easter. For the children there are downloadable templates for bunny ears, clue suggestions, bunny footprints etc etc which can be printed out. It's a home kit - not one of the Cadbury official egg hunts.

If anyone's interested the templates can be found here...

Its just a bit of fun. What did you do at Easter when your children were young? I've heard of people who would roll eggs down a hill but I've never indulged and have never been sure how that works.