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Wrong end of the stick

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Auntieflo Wed 26-Apr-17 18:54:13

I saw the post headed, "Triple Lock", and thought, oh good, what a coincidence, someone's having trouble with their new front door locking system. No! It wasn't, sorry. On Monday we had a new front door fitted, and before DH went out, the fitter offered to show him how to lock/open the door. All well and good. Then he finished and showed me the same thing. Three hours later, DH came home and couldn't unlock said door. I opened it from inside, then we stood on the step and tried the lock, without shutting the door. Are you with me? OK! Close door, unlock, no, can't do it. Both of us getting het up now, when along comes our young neighbour, who tried to explain the sequence. We finally 'got it', after several goes, I think you need a degree in locks these days, or at least a GCSE.

Ana Wed 26-Apr-17 18:58:44

I'm the same with my DD's door locks when I'm asked to wait in for a delivery etc. while she's at work. It's very odd, involving having to hold the handle up, turn the key a certain way and (in my case) hope for the best.

Can't beat a good old yale lock! grin

TriciaF Wed 26-Apr-17 19:45:39

I had to look up triple lock too - even though I'd watched most of PM's questions, missed the first bit.
I thought it would be something about wrestling (why on Gransnet? confused)

morethan2 Thu 27-Apr-17 06:58:15

I have trouble with these new locks too Auntieflo pushing the handle up while locking with a key. I once had to give up while dog sitting at my son's and DiL. I had to go out the front door, through the back gate get the dog then reverse back to the house. It's seems locks/triple locks are not my forte. Your thread has lightened up my day and made me smilesmile

felice Thu 27-Apr-17 09:35:30

I have the same problem at the Church here, same key for the outside doors but they all have to be turned, fiddled with in a different way.
One door I just cannot get open and end up walking down then up stairs to open it from the inside, why they are not all the same I have no idea.