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Hel please. Cool dresses

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Wilma65 Wed 21-Jun-17 10:43:29

Help! I'm trying to find some pretty loose summer dresses, short or cap sleeves, cooler material like cotton, poly cotton or viscose. Knee or mid calf length.
I've been looking online and can't find anything. All I can find are horrible colours or patterns

Wilma65 Wed 21-Jun-17 10:49:01

That should have said Help please not hel :-)

paddyann Wed 21-Jun-17 11:35:11

Try QVC's website ,there are a few ranges that might suit you ,Nina Leonard was on yesterday with some lovely plain dresses and you can wear them and even wash them and still send them back if you're not happy with them

TriciaF Wed 21-Jun-17 12:01:46

I wish I could send you a photo of the dress I'm wearing now, from Indonesia.
It's as you describe. More of a long shift dress, like this but longer and slightly longer sleeves:
Mine has a buttoned neck opening too.

shysal Wed 21-Jun-17 13:27:08

If you are interested these are the dresses that I bought in George at Asda for £18 each. (I have also posted pics on the dresses/knickers? thread). I keep washing and wearing them without the need for ironing. They are lovely and cool and don't stick to me when I sweat. They don't have sleeves but the shoulders are wide enough to wear an ordinary bra.

rosesarered Wed 21-Jun-17 14:04:44

That looks good Shysal do wish we had an Asda anywhere near.

rosesarered Wed 21-Jun-17 14:05:39

I bought a nice dress from Debenhams , the MantaRay line, have a look on the website?

GrannyA11i Wed 21-Jun-17 15:20:18

Made in Italy range are loose linen or cotton dresses - very cool and comfy.

shysal Wed 21-Jun-17 16:40:09

Roses, my nearest Asda for clothes and homeware is at the Cowley Centre in the John Allen bit. Not sure whereabouts you are, know you live locally.

J52 Wed 21-Jun-17 17:08:00

You can buy the dress from Asda on line. It looks nice and made of cotton, as well.

Wilma65 Thu 22-Jun-17 09:40:05

Thank you all so much. Off to look at Asda :-)