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Deadheading my streptocarpi!

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kittylester Thu 20-Jul-17 09:31:30

I absolutely love streptocarpi - I always have two on the dining table and keep them in flower with regular deadheading.

Maisie seems to have taken over that duty. Last week these were a picture - one full of purple flowers - the other full of pink ones. sad

aggie Thu 20-Jul-17 09:50:03

They will throw out new flowers soon xxx Have you ever taken leaf cuttings ? I have too many now , and some even changed colour , a deep pink gave me a white flower from a cutting , mine all need deadheading if you want a job smile

harrigran Thu 20-Jul-17 09:50:16

When you said Streptocarpi I was expecting a story of sore throats but couldn't imagine why you would love it. Does the plant have another name ?grin

Liz46 Thu 20-Jul-17 09:56:03

Yes aggie, I have a beautiful strepocarpi called Laura (from Dibleys). I took leaf cuttings and the plants are flowering profusely and taking over the house! I have given some away but the rest are in pots that I want to keep.

ninathenana Thu 20-Jul-17 13:23:50

Cape primrose harrigran

ninathenana Thu 20-Jul-17 13:25:28

Apparently much easier to grow than African violets though very similar

Katek Thu 20-Jul-17 14:33:22

Just read that as Deadheading my streptococci......d'oh!

ninathenana Thu 20-Jul-17 15:40:00

Love the sculpture in the background kitty does that represent your family ?

kittylester Thu 20-Jul-17 16:10:38

Well spotted nina, yes it was a mother's day present.