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Lady Lucan found dead

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BlueBelle Wed 27-Sep-17 07:05:52

I wonder if that's anything to do with the tv programme ....stress?

travelsafar Wed 27-Sep-17 07:37:51

I think it is incredibly sad, this poor lady died all alone.sad

MawBroon Wed 27-Sep-17 07:41:34

She WAS 80 so maybe not that unusual, but what is sadder to me is that she had become isolated from her family.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Sep-17 08:07:58

Owing to her age I do wonder if the stress from that tv programme was too much We also don't know if she got a lot of flak after thevprogramme Of course it may have been nothing to do with it but it seems a coincidence that it's happened a few months after the showing
Once again we have two threads about the same subject