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Exceptionally poor quality clothing from H&M

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M0nica Sun 29-Oct-17 19:36:25

For the last six weeks I have been trying to buy a warm, preferably wool mix charcoal grey polo or crew neck sweater to wear under a loose overshirt.

I cannot find one anywhere, but found what looked and sounded like something very similar on H&M. The price was £35, which I took as an indicator that it would be of a reasonable thickness and quality.

The sweater arrived yesterday. The package was so small and light, it would easily have gone through our average sized letterbox, with room to spare for two others and when I opened it and this 'thing' slithered out, I couldn't believe it. I slid my hand down the front and my hand and the colour of my skin was clearly visible through the exceptionally thin loose knit. What H&M described as the stitching trim around neck and rib just looked as if the had garment had been sewn together very roughly inside out using zig-zag stitch

I still cannot get my head around a reputable chain like H&M selling a garment so thin and shoddy that even a market trader wouldn't want it on its stall - and have the nerve to charge £35 for it.

Last winter I ordered a thin sweater similar to this from a pile it high and sell it cheap ebay seller. DD and I compared the two sweaters. The one I bought last year is at about three times as thick, the knit is dense and I cannot even begin to see my hand through it and it cost less than £10.

Sorry to rant, but I am still trying to believe that a reputable retailer, whose clothes I have bought in the past could sell something so exceptional shoddy and poor quality.

Needless to say it is being returned.

Marydoll Sun 29-Oct-17 19:52:44

I have never been impressed by the quality of their clothing, sizing is all to pot as well.
Have you tried Unqlo for knitwear?

MawBroon Sun 29-Oct-17 20:01:15

Have you tried Landsend?

M0nica Sun 29-Oct-17 20:21:39

Landsend used to be my preferred supplier for trousers and sweaters, but they have cut their range back so drastically they only offer 3 or 4 colours and a much more limited range of styles than before, none of them charcoal grey. Edinburgh Woollens also used to have several basic designs of sweaters in myriad colours, but no more.

I spent an hour and a half online last week searching for what I wanted. You name a shop I was on their online site. This is why I ended up with H&M.

I have occasionally bought clothes from an H&M shop and been pleased with the quality and wear of the clothes I have bought. I think what so shocked me was how much I was being charged for this really shoddy garment.

If I cannot find what I want I will go back to my ebay market trader who will sell me a much better quality sweater, although still thinner than I really want, for a quarter of what H&M would have charged me for a far worse quality one.

MawBroon Sun 29-Oct-17 20:41:34

COLOURCharcoal Heather

M0nica Sun 29-Oct-17 21:03:03

Mawbroon Can you post a link, please?

MawBroon Sun 29-Oct-17 21:42:38

Nelliemoser Sun 29-Oct-17 23:38:17

I don't like buying clothes on line unless l can feel the fabric first.
One place I really have had not problems with is Matalan. I have always found their cotton tops etc are made of such awful cotton they shrink and go quite shapeless. After a very few washes .

BlueBelle Mon 30-Oct-17 05:48:01

I like Maalan clothes but I don’t buy online I have to try them on I was looking for some jumpers on Saturday and was not impressed with the supply in any of the shops I looked in
Never thought much of H and M though

suzied Mon 30-Oct-17 07:30:43

Lets face it, knitwear from the likes of Zara, H and M , Primark etc are not made to last. Imported cotton, wool etc has shot up in price so they tend to use acrylic and blends. I do like Uniqlo and Woolovers both online.

ElaineI Mon 30-Oct-17 07:55:51

My DDs buy clothes from H&M as they are cheap and fashionable , also stock maternity clothes actually in the shop. I have never bought myself anything from there as I find the clothes do not fit my maturer figure.

Greyduster Mon 30-Oct-17 08:35:17

Monica I have been buying lambs wool crew neck sweaters from EWM for years and they have been excellent, but I now struggle to get them locally and those I bought in May from the Oxford shop have been very disappointing. They pill so badly I have had to go over them with a lint shaver several times. I complained to EWM and they never even bothered to acknowledge my email. They have lost a customer.

MawBroon Mon 30-Oct-17 11:02:08

Poor quality is the price we are paying for increasing reduction costs - even in Bangladeshi sweatshops - and the customer demand for cheap clothing, fuelled by the likes of Matalan, Primark and market stall traders along with pressure on retailers in the high street who are regularly undercut by online shopping but also have to meet ever increasing rent, rates and other overheads and still show a profit for their shareholders.
We need to ask ourselves whether we need AS MANY clothes or fewer at a higher price and of better quality.
The wastage in used clothing is terrifying -it doesn’t all go to the needy or Third world countries except to undermine their own clothing industry.
I know this is a long way from dodgy quality from one of the high street’s cheap n cheerful retailers with a name for trendy fashions and a rapid turnover, but it echoes the discussions we have had before on supermarket cheap food, farmers going under, dubious hygiene practices and even animal rights.
It is all part of a wide ranging problem but fuelled in both cases by us the consumer looking for “value for money” but value doesn’t come cheap. Or as somebody said “can we in all honesty afford low prices?”

Welshwife Mon 30-Oct-17 12:01:14

I noticed last week a window display of fashionable clothing - looked fine till you looked closely. - the workmanship on things such as the hem etc was dreadful. But as has been said it is the price we pay for cheap goods.
We went into Primark last week - not for me but OH quite likes their joggers for wearing in the garden - cheap enough for it not to matter if he gets DIY stuff on them either. A year or so ago the fabric they were made from was awful so I would not buy them but this time it had improved again.

Jalima1108 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:40:44

DD bought herself two or three long cardigans years ago from H&M and they developed holes very quickly - although they were washed according to instructions.

It's a pity that the quality of their clothes has not improved, especially when something simple like that costs £35.

Fennel Mon 30-Oct-17 19:29:47

That's disappointing about H&M. I used to buy a lot of things from them, and still have a pale pink Tee shirt which I bought in 2001 and still wear, as good as new.
I've noticed the decline in fabric quality in John Lewis and M&S clothes too. and it's becoming more difficult and expensive to buy good quality fabric for dressmaking.

Fennel Mon 30-Oct-17 19:30:48

ps I buy woolies from Woolovers - still good quality but prices going up.

M0nica Mon 30-Oct-17 20:08:59

Thank you all for your help and suggestions and I have at last located what I was looking for.

Several people mentioned Woolovers, and I am a great fan of theirs. I am currently wearing a plum coloured wool polo that came from them. In fact they were the first site I went to when I started my search, but they had nothing suitable.

However, with all the recommendations, I decided to go back to their site and have another look. Knowing they had no suitable sweater last week I went to the 'New Arrivals' page and lo and behold, on almost the bottom line. There is was! A charcoal grey polo neck sweater. It is 100% wool and only cost £4 more than the apology of sweater H&M were selling. They must have read my mind and got some in stock.

Jalima1108 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:15:14

Perhaps they look at GN grin