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Elderly parent holiday

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susandevon53 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:38:36

I would like to take my 96 year old mother on holiday she has reduced mobility.It would have to be in the UK and a escorted coach tour would be a great idea.can anyone give me any idea so we live in Torbay in Devon.

Jalima1108 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:51:14

My friend took her elderly mother to a hotel in South Wales which was also a type of care home. I'll try to remember otherwise will phone her and ask.
Would a coach tour be too much for her? How is she with travelling?

Jalima1108 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:52:40

It could have been this one:

Jalima1108 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:54:24

Or you may find something suitable on this website:

susandevon53 Mon 26-Feb-18 21:16:56

She is ok with traveling it’s just the walking.thank you for the suggestions I will have a look at them

Cold Mon 26-Feb-18 21:48:02

My mother went on a Saga holiday that was designed for people with varying mobility levels

Witzend Tue 27-Feb-18 09:19:29

Ages ago now, but I went with my mother on a Shearings coach holiday, something we'd never have considered previously, but she'd been let down on a non coach holiday to same area (Shetlands) by a friend.

Have to say I was incredibly impressed, despite misgivings! So unbelievably organised, everything taken care of - your suitcases taken to rooms and brought down etc.

Quite a few of the others never got out of the coach unless there was something to eat/drink - whether lack of mobility or inertia I don't know.

From what I saw - if it's still the same - I would think it pretty ideal for anyone elderly with poor mobility - as long as you could request suitable hotel rooms - walk in shower, no stairs or a lift, etc.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and were very impressed. (BTW I don't work for Shearings or have shares in them!)

Madgran77 Tue 27-Feb-18 10:46:34

I took my mum to S Glamorgan place -excellent, totally fitted to the individual, trips available, food lovely!

trisher Tue 27-Feb-18 10:57:09

Beware where you are going with Shearings- if you are crossing a North/South divide there is a huge aircraft hanger place where they make you change buses. My mum and i spent ages there once because the bus we were changing to had problems.Wouldn't have minded so much but the hotel we were going to was less than an hour's drive away. Vowed never again!

tessagee Tue 27-Feb-18 11:38:42

Trisher I agree with you about Shearings, also far too many stop offs/pick ups when travelling from here in the North West to other parts of England meaning that journeys can easily last seven hours or more - not good from the point of view of anyone prone to blood clots in the legs.

ninathenana Tue 27-Feb-18 12:52:10

Yes, we would not go Shearings to the west country from Kent as you have to go up to the change over at Watford area before coming back down South. Fine for us going North though. Only ever waited at change over for 1 hr at most. Always had great drivers with Shearings, very obliging and helpful, especially to lady on our last trip who used a fold up disability scooter.