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Plastic again

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BlueBelle Sat 10-Mar-18 13:48:58

I ve just read about a ‘happening’ They are asking everyone worldwide to collect their un needed plastic containers wraps etc and hand back to the supermarket on Saturday April 7th

Jalima1108 Sat 10-Mar-18 14:36:31

A very good idea Bluebelle

At a meeting of our TG the other evening our very oldest member (well into her 80s) had picked up three plastic bottles in the car park on her way in and was going to dispose of them in her recycling.

A young friend posted a request which is doing the rounds on FB, asking people to pick up three pieces of litter, especially when they visit the beach, and take it away to dispose of it properly. If everyone does that - and people stop littering in the first place - it will be a start.

The older age groups seem to be quite responsible about recycling and not littering and school children are learning in school about caring for the environment - so who is throwing all this rubbish around the countryside? On a drive through an ANOB I was horrified to see the amount of litter obviously thrown out of cars and littering the roadside. Howevr, it was too dangerous to stop on that road and litter-pick.

And we must always be aware that there could be something harmful in a bottle or needles around - so if you litter-pick use stout gloves.