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Thrift or hoarding?

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Nonnie Tue 03-Apr-18 17:15:07

I wanted a parcel tag or whatever you call them. A rectangle of card with string to tie onto something. I knew I had some in my desk so looked in the back of a drawer and found them. All fine but then I noticed that the pack had cost me 3d! I never thought I was a hoarder!

There is a selection of different sizes and types in a postcard sized folder from R. G. SMITH, 93 Lower Ford Street Coventry. Wonder if it is still there? Maybe Lower Ford Street has gone!

MawBroon Tue 03-Apr-18 17:16:38

That depends Nonnie - was it bombed in the war?

MissAdventure Tue 03-Apr-18 17:31:09

It just proves that if you hang on to things for long enough, they do indeed 'come in handy', eventually.

Nonnie Tue 03-Apr-18 17:38:56

Quite possibly Maw.

I can't believe I still have them after all the house moves we have had.

I will put it down to thrift as I am currently cutting out circles from the card wrapping of a duvet cover in order to make a tassle to hang from the hat of the Gnome I have knitted out of left over wool. Feeling very virtuous grin

ninathenana Tue 03-Apr-18 17:43:42

Google maps shows Lower Ford St. but I can't find R. G. Smith.
Sensible hoarding Nonnie smile

J52 Tue 03-Apr-18 18:16:51

I love parcel tags, I refit them with ribbon or cord and stick appropriate fabric/ decorations on them. This way I’ve always got the perfect gift tag.
DH uses them to tie onto plumbing pipes, with the information about the pipe’ purpose and where it goes.

Nonnie Wed 04-Apr-18 13:14:13

Nothing so sensible for me J52 . Mine is going to be rather like Paddington Bear's.

Jalima1108 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:57:35

You usually need these things the week after you threw them out in a massive clear-out!

However, those rectangles of card with string are very fashionable at the moment for attaching to presents. Preferably with a tatty bit of garden string rather than the white parcel string.

overthehill Wed 04-Apr-18 14:14:59

We use parcel tags round the necks of bottles of wine people bring to the house to identify who bought them. We started this when we inadvertently gave back a bottle to a friend who had given it to us in the first place......and remarked it was the same wine they buy blush

yggdrasil Wed 04-Apr-18 14:17:12

I cut labels for Christmas presents out of last year's cards, with pinking shears. And a bit of fancy string

paddyann Wed 04-Apr-18 17:23:37

when my dad died my sister and I were asked by mum to clear out his things as she couldn't face seeing them every was like a sword through her heart she said ..poor soul.
We found all manner of strange things ,the receipt for a new kitchen that to our knowledge was never fitted ,a huge number of brand new clothes still with tags that he'd had as gifts and never used and loads of things that made us giggle.Always good when you're grieving.

The strangest was a piece of string with a knot in it ,inside his wallet.Must have been to remind him of something ,we'll never know what or if he did it or bought it ,I wish he'd just written a note to himself.It made us speculate for ages ...always with a smile .

sparkly1000 Wed 04-Apr-18 17:56:29

There's a new 3 part documentary on channel 5 at 9.00 tonight featuring hoarders and the Yorkshire council workers who presumably have to sort out the mess. Might be worth a watch Nonnie, if only to reassure yourself.