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Kitchen Gymnastics

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Granny23 Sun 08-Apr-18 15:03:02

I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. Now it is on the mend I have been trying to avoid bending whenever possible. I devised a way to clean the hall and bathroom floors by applying a floor wipe and sliding it back and forth with my foot, made a great job of front hall and bathroom yesterday using this method.

Today I decided to apply the same technique to the toilet, back hallway (we call it the back passage) and kitchen floors. All was going well until the foot on the wipe slid away from me and I executed, perfectly, the full splits on the kitchen floor, something I have never achieved before in all my 70+ years. No lasting harm done, but I fear I have definitely lost my virginity wink

jenpax Sun 08-Apr-18 15:15:30

Oh aw 😂

Charleygirl Sun 08-Apr-18 15:22:44

OMG you were lucky that you did not break your neck or other parts of your anatomy.

Cherrytree59 Sun 08-Apr-18 15:29:20

Ouch Granny23
Splittings ones difference can be quite painfulshock

kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 15:33:36

Sorry, G23, that made me a laugh. Thank you, I needed it. I hope you are ok.

Greyduster Sun 08-Apr-18 15:51:28

My God, that set every nerve end in my undercarriage jangling!! Glad you were okay!

MissAdventure Sun 08-Apr-18 15:53:39

Its a shame you didn't have someone there to give you points for artistic merit, technique, etc. smile

M0nica Sun 08-Apr-18 15:53:41

Ow! shock

farview Sun 08-Apr-18 16:24:13

OUCH!!! commonwealth games going on in your house!?

lemongrove Sun 08-Apr-18 16:33:08

Have never done the splits ( thankfully) but often do what you did ( antibacterial wipes pushed about by foot!) when my back is playing up.Only in the kitchen, so far, now I may branch out into other rooms.grin
You must be very limber not to have been hurt.

Nannylovesshopping Sun 08-Apr-18 16:34:37

I’m laughing fit to bust, so glad that you are ok Granny 23 that is a very funny story, I can actually still do the splits, much to my dgds amusement, but have been in training for years haha! Not much call for that sort of party piece nowadays grin

NanaandGrampy Sun 08-Apr-18 16:37:16

oh where is a hidden camera when you need one LOL I'm glad you're not hurt but that image will stay with me a while Granny 23

cornergran Sun 08-Apr-18 16:42:07

Ouch and double ouch. Pleased you are OK>