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Calling GNs interested in Bomber Command and RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

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chocolatepudding Mon 09-Apr-18 16:35:14

On Thursday 12 April the International Bomber Command Centre at Lincoln will be officially opened so let's hope this ceremony makes the main news - especially if the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster Bomber is able to fly over the scene.

Teetime Mon 09-Apr-18 16:40:18

Sounds good!

Cherrytree59 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:09:31

Thank you Chocolatepudding
Will you be there?
I will look out for it on the news.

I am sorry I am not in that neck of the woods.
What a sight if the Lancaster is able to flysmile

I hope one day we will be able to visit the Lincoln Bomber Command Centre.

callgirl1 Mon 09-Apr-18 23:24:38

I`m only 30 or so miles away, and would love to be there, but sadly won`t be able to be, but I do get the occasional sight of the wonderful Lancaster as she flies over our house. I have been to see the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby though, great day out.

chocolatepudding Tue 10-Apr-18 09:50:58

Cherrytree59 - no I will not be there - I think the dedication day is for the veterans and their families. I will visit the Centre later this year.

Callgirl1 - I hope the Lancaster will be flying on Thursday but it will depend on having good weather. According to the BBMF Facebook page the Lancaster had an air test on March 29 and all went well. Fingers crossed!

callgirl1 Tue 10-Apr-18 16:43:59

Let`s hope she does a lap of honour over my house!

chocolatepudding Wed 11-Apr-18 18:44:18

I have just checked the Facebook page for the International Bomber Command Centre and there is a message that tomorrow's ceremony will be streamed live on their YouTube channel. I hope this link is correct

Let's hope the weather is good for the Lancaster flypast

chocolatepudding Thu 12-Apr-18 09:25:29

Further update this morning

Here is a YouTube film of preparations yesterday and the Australian veterans visit to BBMF and the Lancaster!

also a BBC news item about today's ceremony

Teetime Thu 12-Apr-18 10:42:35

Saw it in BBC Breakfast what an interesting place we will go and see it (not far from here) when I am mobile.

chocolatepudding Thu 12-Apr-18 11:05:05

Live stream is live on YouTube! You need to turn the sound up high.

chocolatepudding Thu 12-Apr-18 11:37:19

I am sorry to report that John Sargeant has announced that due to very low cloud cover the flypast will not take place today.

Izabella Mon 16-Apr-18 17:50:29

There is another one planned chocolate pudding on May 16th over the Derwent Dams in the Peak District. Possibly the last one and thousands and thousands of people expected. DCC are using the emergency planning committee to minimise disruption.

chocolatepudding Mon 16-Apr-18 19:23:37

Thank you Izabella for this exciting news. I will keep an eye on the news and see if there may be a special programme or two then.

chocolatepudding Wed 02-May-18 19:46:21

Update about the Lancaster flying over Derwent Water on May 16th. This article was printed on the BBMF's Facebook page yesterday.

Let's hope it makes the news programmes.


The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) is scheduled to fly its Lancaster bomber down the Derwent Valley and over the Eyebrook Reservoir on 16 May 2018 to mark the 75th anniversary of 617 Squadron’s raid on German dams (Operation Chastise).

Operation Chastise was an attack on the major dams of western Germany, carried out during the night of 16–17 May 1943 by Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron, later called the Dambusters, using a purpose-built "bouncing bomb" developed by Sir Barnes Wallis. The dams of the Derwent Valley and Eyebrook Reservoir were amongst practice sites used in preparation for the raid.

Subject to weather and serviceability, the plan is for the Lancaster to fly over RAF Scampton (original home of the Dambusters’ Squadron), the Derwent Valley, the Rolls Royce Factory at Derby (the Lancaster is powered by 4 Rolls Royce Merlin engines) and Eyebrook Reservoir.

Further details will be released in due course. Please see…/dambusters-anniversary-fli… and for traffic and other arrangements on the ground.

chocolatepudding Thu 10-May-18 15:50:56

I have checked the flight schedule for the BBMF aircraft this week and the Lancaster is due over Derwent Water at 1205 on Wednesday 16 May.

Here is the schedule for you to check if the Lanc will be near you ( it will be near my house on Sunday!!!). The list also includes a Hurricane, a Spitfire and the Dakota's planned flights.

Thursday 10th May Spitfire
1020 Depart CGY
1030 Cranwell

Friday 11th May Hurricane
1255 Depart CGY
1300 Lincoln
1307 Newark
1334 Cullingworth
1351 Elvington
1418 Land CGY

Saturday 12th May Spitfire
1230 Depart CGY
1255 Castle Bromwich
1302 Leamington Spa
1309 Kingsthorpe
1321 Hyde Heath
1328 Hemel Hempstead
1345 Braintree
1412 Land CGY

Saturday 12 May Lancaster
1905 Depart CGY
1919 Woodhall Spa
1935 Land CGY

Sunday 13th May Lancaster
1042 Depart CGY
1127 Runnymede
1155 Godmanchester
1205 Warboys
1215 Peterborough
1225 Eye
1245 Lincoln
1255 Land CGY

Sunday 13th May Spitfire
1235 Depart CGY
1300 Leamington Spa
1312 Castle Bromwich
1329 Arboretum
1336 Long Eaton
1348 Newark
1355 Lincoln
1402 Land CGY

Sunday 13th May Dakota
1050 Depart CGY
1110 Hardwick Hall
1130 Arboretum
1205 Woodhall Spa
1215 Land CGY

Wednesday 16 May Lancaster
1130 Depart CGY
1140 Scampton
1205 Derwent Valley
1245 Eye Brook Reservoir
1305 Land CGY

callgirl1 Thu 10-May-18 17:48:34

It`s going the opposite way to me, I demand a re-route!

Izabella Thu 10-May-18 17:59:10

The Daks have been around quite a bit this week.

If anyone IS thinking of going to the area be warned. Total and utter traffic chaos is forecast. There is no parking in any of the approaching villages (the signs are already out) and the car parks near the dams are reserved for disabled only parking. Over 10,000 expected. Looks like the cycle for me.

chocolatepudding Thu 10-May-18 18:27:57

I am sure there will be traffic problems as thousands of people descend on the area and the emergency services will struggle to assist everyone. As you say a bicycle may be a sensible option.

The Lancaster will not be coming to Eye in Suffolk (near my home) but to Eye near Peterborough. I will have to wait for the Clacton Air Show in August.

I need to check the TV listings for coverage on Wednesday.

Izabella Thu 10-May-18 22:40:36

Just to clarify. I was talking about the Derwent Dams area specifically.

chocolatepudding Tue 15-May-18 19:11:36

I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there has been a press release two hours ago that due to the wind speed the Lancaster Bomber may not fly as planned. No doubt there will be definite news in the morning.

Izabella Tue 15-May-18 21:47:01

Yes very doubtful looking at projected wind speeds for tomorrow. We shall see .............

Izabella Tue 15-May-18 22:23:42

Update from met office. Wind speeds expected upto 36mph which is way above a safe operating limit for them

chocolatepudding Wed 16-May-18 09:13:21

Update from RAF BBMF.
Due to the wind speed the Lancaster will not be flying today. However a Typhoon from RAF Coningsby will fly the route so the many spectators will have an amazing aircraft to watch and commemorate the Dambusters raid 75 years ago today.

Izabella Wed 16-May-18 09:34:34

Blink and we will miss it, and as for the timing schedule .........

However, quite understand the Lancaster not flying. The wind gusts here in the valley are quite strong this morning.