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Any “Car Boot” enthusiasts here?

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Panache Wed 02-May-18 10:21:00

I would certainly NOT have called myself one, but that is not to say I have not dabbled in them whilst I certainly know quite a number of people whom almost live week by week, scanning the local newspaper for any new venues.
Certainly we have all heard of someone whom has bought a little trinket or painting for a song,only to find it really has some decent value,whilst yes, there are those who have made a small fortune this way.
It was something I heard others do and though I listened with interest, it was only when I found a certain corner of need that I managed a Car Boot sale all of my own............though to be fair,with the aid of my DH .......whom proved not only invaluable but quite the born market sales person!

Its quite a tale........ so I will be patient and await hearing of your tales first!!!

callgirl1 Wed 02-May-18 17:39:19

I used to love doing car boot sales, but now that my hubby isn`t here to drive me and my "goods", I haven`t been able to do them anymore. Strangely, I`ve never been to one as a customer, may try it sometime.

tanith Wed 02-May-18 18:04:24

I’ve never done one but used to love poodling around one on a Sunday but nowadays I find a lot of the sellers do it on a ‘commercial’ basis and the sell stuff they’ve bought themselves to sell on so don’t bother very often.

Panache Wed 02-May-18 18:13:20

I was beginning to think I had boobed!!!But in my experience Boot Sales led to a love of Antique fairs which I am sure is of far more interest to those of us of a certain age!

I had just formed our first Cancer Support Group in our County and of course, to find a suitable pleasant venue central to the County monies was needed to rent such a facility.
With a place booked for weeks ahead in an Hotel overlooking the river, urgent funds were required.

My DH and I took it upon ourselves to go “cap in hand” begging for Car Boot items from all around our neighbourhood,and yes when knowing the whole story, people were more than happy to respond,in next to no time we really had quite a lot of saleable “treasures” added to all we ourselves could add.
Choosing a suitable venue for our first Car Boot sale was next,borrowing a `van, we then pre loaded it up with great anticipation.......praying the sale day would be nice and dry.
We had been forewarned that we needed to make a very early start,and to beware of the dealers....... who would descend upon us like vultures!!
Suitably dressed in warm clothing and comfy footwear,with flasks and some sarnies stashed alongside, we then kitted ourselves with across the body bags carrying quite a lot of loose change..........and yes,not forgetting all the paper or plastic bags we could muster.
The day dawned bright and with that first light,having packed up the `van the previous night, we headed off arriving at our venue and choosing our pitch as day break broke.
Feeling rather pleased with ourselves it must be said I think we might have forgotten those words of warning..............because as we opened up the rear doors of the van, we were literally pounced upon!!! No other way to describe it.The dealers were out for their pound of flesh without a doubt!!
Our prized possession was a silver plated coffee pot,milk jug,sugar basin all sitting on a very shiny tray..............and we truly had to keep our wits about us,resisting all the numerous offers for this prime set.We soon realised that not only was this our star attraction, but we really could expect it to sell well.
After the tables were erected, It was my job to add a tablecloth and arrange all we had....... trying to show each item off to its best ability without having any hidden gems lurking out of sight.I did this with great pride.
Indeed yes, we could have sold that silver plated set a few dozen times over, but rather than allow the early bidders to grab the sale we kept on to it for dear life.......... as we realised it was attracting more and more people............the offers were getting higher, and we were more than well pleased.
We had never before attempted a Car Boot sale or anything similar but soon found we both seem to have been born to it........perhaps having “the gift of the gab” helped!!!!................but well before the venue started closing down around 2 pm, we had an empty table,all that had been stacked round and about also had sold.Whilst eventually so did the Silver plated set sell ........and at quite a staggering price it must be said.We were indeed grinning like Chesire cats!
On counting our combined cash we were very happy Car booters, and it meant I could happily pay for a very many weekly bookings at our prime Hotel venue, thus ensuring our Cancer support group started on a very sound footing.
Pleased to add it continues and goes from strength to strength, proving that from small acorns those mighty oaks can happen.
It certainly gave us both a whole new hobby all be it for a short while,and it was from this meagre beginning we then found a long and lasting love affair with Antique Fairs, and simply moved up a few notches over time.