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Rufus2 Tue 19-Jun-18 14:24:22

Now here's a feel good snippet taken from my Tuesday diary.
Arose early to catch the free Council mini-bus, door-to-door to the local shopping centre, where I was able to use their free electric mobility scooter for the 2 hours visit. They are marvellous aren't they?
It was my 1st. go on one of them; like, Awesome!
No prangs and no scooter-rage! grin
Normally I grab a trolley for stability even if I'm only buying a loaf of bread, but not any more.
I'm thinking ahead to when (not if!) they take my driving licence away. There's a growing media campaign against older drivers; highlighted, of course, each time one mounts the kerb and finishes up in a shop. sad
I'll be devastated without a licence but a motorised scooter might be one answer. OAPs get financial help with taxis and public transport, but they obviously lack the spontaneity of being able to hop into the car and going where and when. Not too far, obviously, but roadside assistance is available for a modest fee from the RACV; e.g flat battery.
Now I've got to wrestle with the logistics of ownership.
Buy new; Buy 2nd- hand; Rent/Lease. confused
Decisions, decisions!
Bed-time,! Goodnight,
Good Health

Doodle Tue 19-Jun-18 20:57:14

Electric scooters do seem a good idea for those not able to drive anymore.

oldbatty Tue 19-Jun-18 21:10:39

sorry dont quite know how to respond to this, other than best of luck.

tiredoldwoman Wed 20-Jun-18 05:33:01

It's good to write your thoughts down in your Daily Diary , it clarifies your mind , catches ideas when your head might be in a spin !
If I've got a problem I usually make a list of pros and cons then study it and make my decision from that .
Sleeping on the problem can help too , I hope you slept well .

NfkDumpling Wed 20-Jun-18 05:40:32

Oh, second hand is the way to go. Half those who buy them never use them.

We’ve got loads of them buzzing around here. Customised. One is covered in tiny teddy bears, one has upswept handlebars like a Harley with loads of studded leather and strips of leather hanging from the handlebars and one is perfectly ordinary - but has a large sticker across the back which shouts B*G*E*!