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ebayqueen Thu 21-Jun-18 11:18:51

thank you Luckygirl, will do that

Luckygirl Thu 21-Jun-18 09:38:15

Ah - Leigh-on-Sea. I used to cycle to the cockle sheds there when I was a child, from my home in Hadleigh. Happy memories!

Mapleleaf Thu 21-Jun-18 09:33:48

Hello, ebayqueen,
I don’t live in your area, but saw your thread. May I suggest that you post it in the “meet ups/where are you” forum, as that tends to be the forum people use when they want to arrange or start a meet up in their area, so more people might see your message.
All the best. 😁

ebayqueen Thu 21-Jun-18 08:50:24

Hello ,I'm new here,Living in Leigh on Sea.Are there any local members who would like to meet up ? :-)