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Electric blanket in profiling bed

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Luckygirl Fri 14-Sep-18 07:51:58

My OH has a hospital bed in which you can change your seating/lying position with an electric gadget.

He only weighs 6.5 stone and gets very cold. If I put an extra quilt on him it is so heavy he cannot move around in bed, something he finds very difficult anyway - hence the profiling bed.

What he really needs is an electric blanket, but they all say do not use on profiling beds.

Anyone got any bright ideas please?

cornergran Fri 14-Sep-18 07:57:35

I’ve no real knowledge luckygirl but wonder if an electric over blanket would be ok? Is there a hospital contact you could ask? Sorry not to be more definite, hope you find a solution, being cold is just horrid.

Charleygirl Fri 14-Sep-18 08:25:39

I agree with cornergran an over blanket would be more practical. If he has a duvet you could put the electric blanket between a sheet and the duvet.

MawBroon Fri 14-Sep-18 08:34:56

I agree, an electric overblanket/heated duvet (I think,these exist) sounds best.
Lakeland do heated throws I think - any use?

bobalexander Sun 21-Feb-21 22:37:47

in my opinion for profiling, a bed everyone should go for the option to buy a burrito blanket. can help for this. I have also one from here.