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Airline booking, ageist agenda

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lilypollen Wed 26-Sep-18 23:53:28

I've been doing some fare searches on several airlines for a trip next year. Now find that when you click Adult on the fare search there is category 18-64 or Over 65. Why can this be? When doing your booking details you have to put in DoB so why do you have to identify your age category separately? I booked flights in July and this category did not come up.

alchemilla Thu 27-Sep-18 15:45:44

OP no idea unless it's to make sure you have valid health insurance to travel? You can usual find an online question box or chat box on these sites so could you ask?

Nonnie Thu 27-Sep-18 15:52:32

Can they do that legally? Surely they can't price according to age?

notnecessarilywiser Thu 27-Sep-18 18:57:39

I know that some airlines offer senior fares on some routes, so the agenda you fear could work in your favour, OP!

Nonnie - of course it's legal for them to charge different prices according to age - infant and child fares are common.

Diana54 Thu 27-Sep-18 20:04:05

I don't think it is to offer discounts, if all airlines do it there is probably a new regulation (from the EU?.).
Most likely safety, over 65s are likely to have more mobility problems and provision needs to be made, whereas a commuter flight at 7am would not. Also seating, seats near exits need to have passengers with good mobility.
An aunt of mine 87yrs visited from Australia this summer and asked for assistance, she got it!, a wheelchair at the aircraft door, special channel at immigration, bags collected, the lot. She is as fit as I am but if you ask for help the wheelchair routine is compulsory.

tidyskatemum Thu 27-Sep-18 20:55:59

To be fair, there are airlines which offer discounts to the over 65s eg Air India has big discounts on internal flights but in most cases you have to look for them.

lilypollen Sun 30-Sep-18 17:08:33

Yes but if it were to offer discounts they would surely be publicised. For as long as I've been flying, infants under 24months fly free without a seat and under 12s go half fare. If it's to categorise as elderly I think it's an insult as these folks are often as active and fit as those 20 years younger. Sorry it's just a personal rant!!