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Is this harassment?(So distressed)

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bityoungtobeagranny Sun 07-Oct-18 13:58:12

A long time family friend betrayed me and her best friend(my mum) last year by trying to sabotage my career by contacting the organisation I worked for, disclosing my past mental health problems and also making up lies. Long story short...we cut off all contact with her and told her never to come near us again. Despite this, whenever she sees my mother in the locality, she comes up to her and begs her to speak to her again, saying she misses her. We've already told her if she comes near us again we'll go to the police. Do you think this is enough to constitute harassment? I want to go to the police, but she hasn't spoken to us in months, it is just on the off chance when she sees my mother around that she approaches her, so I'm not sure what to do. Just the idea of her still coming near us again distresses me.

MawBroon Sun 07-Oct-18 14:06:46

Unfortunate as this is, I don’t think it constitutes harassment and is likely to be seen as wasting police time.

bityoungtobeagranny Sun 07-Oct-18 14:14:33

But hasn't she overstepped the mark contacting my work place and still approaching us when we've told her we want nothing to do with her?

sodapop Sun 07-Oct-18 14:19:01

I understand you are distressed about what this so called friend did bityoungtobegranny
I agree with Maw this really does not constitute harassment and I think your mother needs to ignore this person. For your own peace of mind its best to ignore her and not continue to let this upset your life.

sunseeker Sun 07-Oct-18 14:20:52

I don't think this could be classed as harassment. I'm not sure if you could take out a restraining order to stop her approaching either you or your mother - perhaps Citizens Advice could help?

BlueBelle Sun 07-Oct-18 15:34:12

No, let sleeping dogs lie You can’t go to the police about something that happened a year ago if you didn’t go at the time, and as you say she hasn’t approached you for months why do you want to stir up old wounds.
Let it all die off you are over thinking and getting in a tizz Think about nice things and forget her