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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 08-Oct-18 06:22:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking dark, cold but dry here in Brackley this morning, usual day for me.

Gagagran Mon 08-Oct-18 06:49:43

Good Morning Mick and everyone

It's chilly here on the south coast but we are promised sunny spells so the laundry should dry outdoors.

Sorted my shoe pile out yesterday and now have a BIG bag full for the charity shop. My problem is one foot is a bit bigger than the other so finding comfort can be elusive.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

gillybob Mon 08-Oct-18 07:09:06

Good morning Mick , Gaga and all to follow x

Blue45Sapphire Mon 08-Oct-18 07:15:06

Good morning all. Bit chilly in Northampton, but having a nice cup of tea and a ginger biscuit. Load of washing in. Yoga this morning, followed by coffee, then trip to Sainsbury's to pick up my prescription. Had really long walk yesterday in the beautiful sunshine, was out for nearly 3 hours - but that included a stop at the pub for Prosecco and crisps and a long chat with two friends I met on my travels!

Pittcity Mon 08-Oct-18 07:31:50

Good morning from sunny Ely. Cooked breakfast and driving to Soham to check out some family history before driving home.

kittylester Mon 08-Oct-18 07:33:46

Morning all from a slightly cloudy North Leicestershire.

I've had a traumatic morning up to now. I went down to make tea to discover a dead mouse in the middle of the kitchen floor. I really can't cope with rodents, dead or alive. Managed to avoid it for a while but then it disappeared!!!! I need counselling!

farview Mon 08-Oct-18 07:55:19

Morning all, beautiful but chilly in SO much to do I need a 48hour day today... enjoy your day everyone..take care..

NanKate Mon 08-Oct-18 07:57:24

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy in South Bucks.

Missing Keep Fit today as we are in recovery mode after a very full on weekend when our DS and DGSs who came for the weekend. We had a lovely full on time, with one emergency early morning trip to Sainsburys as they had somehow eaten/drunk more than I had planned for.

Now Kitty I am with you on the rodent front. One time I heard rattling in the Lego box and realised our cat had deposited it there 😮 Perhaps one of your cats ate it, hence the disappearance. Waiting for news of your new arrival hopefully in the next few days, everything crossed.

Auntieflo Mon 08-Oct-18 08:06:50

Morning Mick, Annie to come and all other GN's.
Grey start to to day here, but the heating is on and cosy.
Gillybob hope you are feeling up to facing Monday {{hug}}

ginny Mon 08-Oct-18 08:11:03

Good morning from N. Devon where it is a bit cloudy but a reasonable day forecast.
Not sure where our roaming will take us but plenty to choose from.

Marydoll Mon 08-Oct-18 08:20:50

Good morning all, it's wild here in Glasgow, but not as bad as yesterday. I got stuck in a flooded road yesterday with no possibility of turning back. Then water got into my brakes, so it was a bit scary.

We are emptying the kitchen cupboards today in preparation for our new kitchen at the end of the week. It will be a good opportunity to declutter and this is the only day we are free.

As for mice, Kitty, you would have hated the place we used to take the pupils on residential trips. It was Victorian country house and overrun with mice.
I was lying in bed one night and saw two beady eyes sitting at the end of the bed, staring at me. shock. I let out such a scream, my colleagues thought I was being murdered.

Gilly, I hope today is better than you expect.
Kate, I know what you mean by recovery mode, we are still in recovery after five days of DGD.
Have a good day all.

Willow10 Mon 08-Oct-18 08:23:00

Good morning all. It's a bright, chilly morning in East Northants but promising to warm up. Not sure what to do today, apart from a visit to the post office. Good luck finding that mouse Kitty! Have a pleasant day everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 08-Oct-18 08:25:39

Morning All

Got back yesterday after a week with the caravan in SE Kent. Lots of walking and visiting places I’ve never been.

Its a lovely day in prospect here in Norfolk which is good as we seem to have rather a lot of washing.

NfkDumpling Mon 08-Oct-18 08:27:09

(And thank you all for reminding me why we no longer have cats! I have a dead thing phobia)

Brunette10 Mon 08-Oct-18 08:39:11

Morning all from a horrible dull and wet day in Fife. Looks and feels miserable. However weather can't put us off. Have some shopping to do. I thought I woke up to a rat one morning 40 years ago staring me in my face but it was never found so guess I must have been dreaming or so everyone says but it felt real to me will never forget that morning. Kitty I sympathise. Have a good day all.

PECS Mon 08-Oct-18 08:52:12

Hello.. a bit of cloud cover her in Surrey but sun is trying hard to peep through! Off to the doctor later to see if I can get some help with the very annoying and frustrating back pain. Have dutifully waited the 5-6 weeks since it began before seeking medical comment!

Anniebach Mon 08-Oct-18 08:54:20

Good morning Auntyflo and all X

Not going anywhere, not doing anything of interest, may search again for g g g uncle William, been searching for him for years, as he was born in 1834 I can assume he died, but where .

Hope everyone has a good day X

Greyduster Mon 08-Oct-18 09:02:36

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dry and shaping up quite reasonably in South Yorkshire. Not as cold as yesterday. Laundry to do this morning and the school run this afternoon. Not the way I would like to start the day either, kitty! Have a good day, folks.