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Over 50s getting their kicks from rowdy retirement?

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Greece2007 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:46:58

Very fair comment

lizzypopbottle Thu 11-Oct-18 13:50:25

It can get a bit rowdy at our Karate sessions because we fight and shout. Lots of us are well over 50 (I'm 66) but not many people take it up as a new activity over fifty. I've been training for twenty two years after watching my boys training and I would say don't wait to do the things you want to do. Do it now! And don't tell yourself (or let others tell you) you're too old or don't have time to do something new. Just make time and have a go! I'm busy taking up screen printing but I'll never give up karate, not willingly anyway!

Diana54 Wed 10-Oct-18 18:05:20

Just trying to regain lost youth, we are fitter than ever in our 50s and 60s so why not, men and women often enjoy different activities but they get the same enjoyment.

M0nica Wed 10-Oct-18 17:06:58

Born again bikers have been with us for decades. We frequently go to France and there is always a posse of them on board, men in 50s/60s, but rowdy? Not that we noticed, they all have very expensive bikes and ditto leathers and if you overhear their conversation, it is of motorbikes, foreign holidays, and jobs, which are generally high-powered and extremely well paid - they have to be to afford the kit.

notanan2 Wed 10-Oct-18 16:10:42

I probaby WOULD be rowdy if I retired at 50 because it would mean that I had a big win!

NannyJan53 Wed 10-Oct-18 15:54:11

My partner is 67 (almost 68) still working full time, and no indication of when he expects to retire. He has had 2 tattoos this year ( I think it is some sort of old age crisis)! grin

I retired last year at the age of 63 and have joined U3A, go walking and to the gym, hardly rowdy activities hmm

MissAdventure Wed 10-Oct-18 15:44:09

I think i'll be too knackered to be rowdy by the time I retire.

notanan2 Wed 10-Oct-18 15:40:07


notanan2 Wed 10-Oct-18 15:39:50

To retire at 50 these days you would need plenty of money to spare so I guess "roudy" activities help you send it...

Every retiree I know is in their 70s. I dont know if they have any new tattoos, I doubt very much if the ones on state pensions do...tattoos are not cheap!

Nonnie Wed 10-Oct-18 15:25:32

Why do the media think people retire at 50?

GrannyGravy13 Wed 10-Oct-18 15:15:11

I go to the gym and have personal training session once a week there. I have no tattoos, but seriously looking to buy my first soft top sports car!!!

ninathenana Wed 10-Oct-18 14:59:48

Not many, that's for sure.
DH's cousin is 75 today and still working as a part time lecturer.
"rowdy retirement" seems an ill chosen phrase.
If you got rowdy whilst having a tattoo the consequences could be disastrous !

TrixieBakes Wed 10-Oct-18 13:36:41

Yes. That's what I'm thinking. I'd much rather be in a gym that sitting in a rocking chair or some other "proper" retirement activity the papers seem to have in mind. And who retires at 50?

Situpstraight1 Wed 10-Oct-18 13:06:22

DH has had a personal trainer for many years, hardly ‘rowdy’ he works out in a gym in the peace and quiet.


TrixieBakes Wed 10-Oct-18 09:39:39

On my way to work today I noticed an interesting article in one of those throw-away papers that encourage me to create my first post. Apparently, the over 50s getting their kicks with "rowdy retirement" activities like getting a tattoo, buying a motorbike and visiting a personal trainer.

Are we retiring younger or are we all suffering from arrested development? I don't feel ready for retirement myself but hiring a personal trainer does seem inviting.