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oldbatty Sat 15-Dec-18 20:03:21

My least favourite rag ( the on line version) is very fond of this word to describe ....well drunken idiots.


farview Sat 15-Dec-18 20:51:56

Not very nice but here they are called P... heads
By all means,have a few drinks, enjoy yourselves..just DON'T be a nuisance...

lemongrove Sat 15-Dec-18 21:00:01

Oh, you live around the Cheltenham area then Farview
Revellers is such a lovely word isn’t it, brings to mind well dressed and attractive people who are mildly inebriated and very happy.The truth may be slightly different.

MissAdventure Sat 15-Dec-18 21:20:27

My thoughts on drunken idiots are probably best not aired in public.
Its my absolute pet hate (well, I have quite a list, but its up at the top)

farview Sat 15-Dec-18 21:22:16

haha am a Bolton lass...but on the odd occasion that I have a night out with friends..we go to it.. especially Sam's chop house...BUT then on the way home on the train,only 15mins(oops may I add when trains are actually running!!)..the "revellers (p...heads) are a pain in the derriere!!!

oldbatty Sat 15-Dec-18 21:24:57

I think they do some revelling at Ascot as well

lemongrove Sat 15-Dec-18 21:39:07

Farview Yes, some spoil things for everyone else don’t they, and go too far.
Alchohol is great in small quantities, but when it comes to the drunks staggering about and falling down in the street...well, revelling isn’t the right word.
Cheers! wine

petra Sat 15-Dec-18 21:49:19

Leigh on sea in Essex was voted the happiest place to live (2018) that's because most Friday/Saturday/ Sunday nights they're off their t**s on prosecco or the white stuff.
There are are lot of unhappy people living close to the broadway, my daughter included.

farview Sat 15-Dec-18 21:50:51

🍷cheers lemongrove (,but in moderation!!)

MissAdventure Sat 15-Dec-18 21:50:55


lemongrove Sat 15-Dec-18 21:56:48

I used to be one of them.tchgrin

annsixty Sat 15-Dec-18 22:25:20

On Wednesday night, in a very cold Nottingham, a group of yongish men were walking about in mankinis and santa hats , nothing else.
I do have a photograph but it is too graphic for your eyes.

callgirl1 Sat 15-Dec-18 23:24:41

Oh go on Ann!

callgirl1 Sat 15-Dec-18 23:25:59

Meant to add, my pet hate is these so called "revellers" who wee in the passage at the side of my house.

gmelon Sun 16-Dec-18 03:00:19

annsixty how cold was it?
Do we need a magnifying glass to view your photo?

Marmight Sun 16-Dec-18 04:26:24

🤣. Yes come on Ann, we're all agog, binoculars at the ready.....