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New Year challenge, anybody? (Not diet or exercise!)

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Witzend Sun 06-Jan-19 22:04:58

Since I tend to be lazy, I need something to focus on and motivate me, so I've set myself a goal of passing my grade 5 piano this year. Or at least in spring 2020.
This'll be the 3rd time I've set myself this challenge, but Life and grandchildren have rather got in the way, plus I don't mind admitting that my self discipline has been lacking.
3rd time lucky, I hope!

Has anyone else set themselves a (non diet or fitness) goal?

Grandma70s Sun 06-Jan-19 22:15:50

I don’t really like challenges any more. I like life to be easy now.

As challenges go, I think yours is a very good one, Witzend. As a nation we seem to have become obsessed with the physical, but to me the mental and cerebral challenges are much more important. Good luck with it.

My grandson is at school with a boy, age 9 like him, who has Grade 7 piano. That must be pretty rare.