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Life lessons for teenagers

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Smiley4 Sat 09-Feb-19 10:28:45

I heard this song/poem. If anyone has teenage grandchildren, they should listen to it. They will probably ignore it. But I think it’s messages are very apt for today’s teens. It’s called.

it’s on you tube. Starts a bit slow, but give it time.
It’s advice I wish I’d listened to when I was a teenager.
And if you have already heard it, you’ll know what I mean. 😊

EllanVannin Sat 09-Feb-19 10:42:07

Why ? Have you got skin cancer ?

Smiley4 Sat 09-Feb-19 10:45:34

Haha. No Ellan. It’s got little to do with sunscreen. It’s about life. 😊