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I could use it as a tent!

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chicken Wed 27-Feb-19 11:27:07

I saw a blouse that I liked in M&S but (as usual) they only had it in sizes 8 and 20. I ordered one in size 14, collected it yesterday, tried it on when I got home---and it's vast. I got out my trusty tape measure, measured the width underarm---51 inches. When I used to make my own clothes, I always reckoned on roughly bust size plus about 4 inches for underarm measurement. Now I've got to trail back into town for a refund---or maybe try on that size 8 !!

EllanVannin Wed 27-Feb-19 11:50:22

Probably an 8 will suffice if you were looking to buy a 14. I do know that their clothes aren't the sizes they say they are, especially their trousers, but that's another story !

Charleygirl5 Wed 27-Feb-19 11:57:41

Bonmarche is the opposite. I wanted a size 18 jacket/anorak with plenty of room. I ended up buying a beautiful one but to move and breathe, it is size 24!

I am lucky the shops are only a couple of miles away but it is a pain.

M0nica Wed 27-Feb-19 17:37:19

Sizing is luck of the drawer these days. It bears no correlation with any known standard sizing table.

A couple of years ago I went to Sainsbury's and bought three summer tops, in three different sizes; 8, 10, 12. All tried on and all were the size that actually fitted me.

callgirl1 Wed 27-Feb-19 21:24:31

I always used to find that Bonmarche were generous in sizing, but they have a new designer now instead of David Emmanuel,and I don`t like their clothes much anymore. I don`t know if he`s had anything to do with the difference in sizing.

Smiley4 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:51:15

I know just what you mean.
These days the sizing differs from shop to shop. In one I’m a size 12, in another a 14 and in a third, size 16. I’ve even gone up to an 18.
It’s so hard to know just what size we are these days!,