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where does the time go

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travelsafar Wed 17-Apr-19 09:34:33

Does anyone else wonder why it is that as we age the time seems to slip through your fingers at an alarming rate.

I have a whole day at home today and things planned to fill the time but already i can feel it slipping by and thinking i won't get it all done.

Is it because we dither when older, or just do things slower.
I always feel like i don't have enough time.

Maybelle Wed 17-Apr-19 09:56:29

Time just evaded me too. I had plans for a full days sewing yesterday and ended up just doing an hour.
Rarely get out nowadays, and although I am caring for my DH I couldn't say what I did for the rest of the day.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 17-Apr-19 10:12:45

I feel the same, but then I do fiddle and fanny😂 guess it’s because I think I have lots of time to do stuff, I can put washing out then meander back through garden, see patch of weeds sprung up over night then hour later realise I’m still in my pjs, come in see spaniel looking mournfully at his bowl waiting for his breakfast, think I’ll have a quick coffee, look at gransnet, then a friend phones, then it’s lunchtime and I’m still in my pjs, quick shower and I’m chasing my tail for the rest of the day😂 time just gets away from me!

Eglantine21 Wed 17-Apr-19 10:14:20

Actually I find maintain this body at a respectable level takes up a fair wedge of time.

Hair always needs wetting and drying at least because it’s taken to sticking out in forty different directions in the morning. The shower is followed by the all over moisturiser for flaky skin which then has to absorb before getting dressed.

While that’s happening I do the exercises for maintaining flexibility and muscle tone. Then the feet need some attention and dry skin cream.

The face also needs some extra care due to rosacea plus a bit of makeup, especially mascara because my eyelashes have gone white.

That’s all before breakfast!

Nonnie Wed 17-Apr-19 10:24:22

Gosh Eglantine think I must have let myself go, just brush my hair and leave it unless I'm going out, same with makeup and I don't always bother with that. Exercise seems to consist of gardening housework and going out.

NannyJan53 Wed 17-Apr-19 10:28:50

I think once we retire, we naturally slow down. No getting up to the alarm clock and having to dash out by a certain time. Then arrive home to prepare dinner and cram in other jobs.

Everything can be done at a slower pace, I just enjoy the 'me' time now.

I now find (after nearly 2 years) I just wouldn't have time to go to work smile

Eglantine21 Wed 17-Apr-19 10:34:48

Expect you look better than me Nonnie😱😬

BradfordLass72 Wed 17-Apr-19 11:11:24

I can't honestly say that for me 'time slips through my fingers'.

I tend to get up quite early as that's when I feel most able to get stuff done.

I shower, dress, have a decaf coffee and knock the laundry on the head (as long as it's sunny outside ) and give the kitchen and bathroom a bit of a clean then I'm am ready to sit at my computer for a while.

Sometimes I do this the other way round: email first whilst still in my nightie. smile As my grandson says, 'I'm the boss of me.'
I can do what I like.

Gransnet is always a wonderful time waster and I surf the net until my bottom and back are aching. Then I sit in the comfy chair (NOT the Comfy Chair!!grin) with me knitting and listen to the birds or an audio book, with a mug of boiling water at my side.

Currently I'm listening to 'The Time Traveller's Guide to the Renaissance' - but I can only sit still long enough for one disc.

About 10:45 it's time for breakfast although quite often I don't eat until later as I just don't want to.

This is on the days I'm actually at home.

Monday I go to ukulele class (don't play now, just sing) and Wednesday I go to singing and am picked up on these days any time between 8:15 and 10am. I'm back by 1:30 and that's when the above morning routine becomes an afternoon one.

Often I have extra things: doctor, dentist, hospital, podiatrist, all of them morning appointments; our monthly group meeting; funerals (a sad part of belonging to an elders group) and twice a week I have afternoon homecare help for the things I cannot do for myself.
She takes me out to the supermarket and the library to pick up things previously ordered online. It's a marvellous service as I can't see books, packets, tins etc

I rarely have a granny-nap because I don’t often feel as if I need one but if I’m not well, I will.

I probably spend more time online than most people as it's my lifeline.
I'm in an online Trivia group, I pay all my bills online, browse for next week's books for the library and much more.

I have penfriends, so write to them (word processor) and I still bake, so may knock up a batch of shortbread for family or a friend.

I prepare the vegetable for lunch, or make a soup and possibly get something out of the freezer for tea at 4pm.

Then I just take it easy - get the laundry in, do a bit of gardening, chat with a friend, write a story for my grandson or write up the diary I've been keeping for over 40 years.

After tea I knit for an hour or so, listening to the audio book. I rarely go out at nights and repair to my bed about 9pm and to sleep an hour later.

I'm trying to break myself of the habit of writing long posts grin

nonnasusie Wed 17-Apr-19 13:23:20

"The seasons they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down we're captive on a Carousel of time". Says it all.

travelsafar Wed 17-Apr-19 18:25:26

nonnasusie I love that. smile

Urmstongran Wed 17-Apr-19 18:44:09

Ah, no don’t do that BradfordLass your posts are lovely to read. x

nonnasusie Wed 17-Apr-19 19:21:36

Forgot to say words courtesy of Joni Mitchell!

Callistemon Wed 17-Apr-19 19:48:32

with a mug of boiling water at my side.
To drink? shock without lemon or lime?
Well done!
I'm trying to break myself of the habit of writing long posts
No, don't! smile

I am not a "morning person" so it does take me a little while to get going and to stop my hair reflecting my username.
Then - whatever the day brings unless I make an effort to plan an outing or friends are visiting.