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Baby changing facilities

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Newatthis Wed 24-Apr-19 10:42:08

Please inform the parents of your grandchildren and anyone using public toilets to change the babies' nappy, of the following I recently read. Most of the changing facilities for babies (the plastic pull down tray - hope you know what I mean) are in either a special baby change facility room or in the disabled toilets, many of which are accessible to anyone. I recently read that some cocaine users are using these to 'run lines' of cocaine down them before snorting the cocaine.
Please be careful to check. Anyone as horrified as I am to learn this.

Resurgam123 Mon 01-Jul-19 08:36:13

O for heavens sake.

They could get a face full of poo.
I doubt small children would be snorting Cocaine.

You should take a clean wipe before you put the baby on the changing pad
Your child would probably be more at risk from other childrens germs than cocaine.

ElaineI Mon 01-Jul-19 09:34:07

That's horrible - I had never heard of that! Both DDs have their own folding mats which they use on the fold down after wiping it with a baby wipe. However I got a shiver down my back when I read your post!

EllanVannin Mon 01-Jul-19 09:53:38

Carry a pack of Dettol wipes wherever you go.
There are some filthy beasts around !!

M0nica Tue 02-Jul-19 08:42:14

I would be more worried about contamination from previous infant users of the mats than the remote possibility that a few grains of cocaine might be in the crevices of the mat.

Invisible slight faecal contamination from a baby with some infection would be far more likely to make a child ill than the ingestion of one tiny grain of cocaine. As others have said, always wipe the surface down with a disinfected wipe.

I suppose a few, and even the OP said a few, cocaine users may do this, but I would say that the chance of this happening is very remote.