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Daughters Birthday.

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greeneyes57 Thu 25-Apr-19 11:34:46

My D.D will be 40 this year, I'm not sure what to buy her as she has everything she needs, any Ideas please. Anja why do you say I have unusual family problems. ?

fizzers Thu 25-Apr-19 11:41:39

My Daughter is 40 this year also, so I'll be following this thread for inspiration!

NannyJan53 Thu 25-Apr-19 11:42:56

For my daughters 40th last year, I gave her a voucher for 2 days at a Spa Hotel with an overnight stay. She went with her DH and I had the children.

tanith Thu 25-Apr-19 11:56:57

I was going to suggest theatre tickets or a day out experience

NanaandGrampy Thu 25-Apr-19 12:01:57

I have one turning 40 this year too.

I know she would value an experience or memory over a physical thing, so I am keeping an eye out for something exciting. We'll provide childcare etc .

tinaf1 Thu 25-Apr-19 12:22:26

I bought my daughter-in-law an afternoon tea voucher for two in a hotel in London (don’t know how feasible London would be) also did same for my sister they seemed to go down well
Now waiting for someone to buy me one 😂

KatyK Thu 25-Apr-19 12:24:11

Ask her what she would like.