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Climbing the London Dome.

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Gonegirl Sat 27-Apr-19 19:57:22

Younger GS did this today, with the Scouts. Anyone else thinking of having a go?

GS is second from left.

Gonegirl Sat 27-Apr-19 19:58:11

Second from right!!!

Sussexborn Sat 27-Apr-19 20:02:16

I’ll pass on that thanks. I get dizzy looking both ways to cross the road since I had labyrinthitus 20 years ago.

Gonegirl Sat 27-Apr-19 20:03:59

I think I would quite like it. Might need some kind of hoist though. grin

harrigran Sat 27-Apr-19 20:04:34

I watched them climb it on Eastenders that was close enough for me.

Gonegirl Sat 27-Apr-19 20:08:42

Yes! I saw that! grin

tanith Sat 27-Apr-19 20:27:33

Both my daughters and one GD have done it and loved it , I’ve thought about doing as they both said they thought I’d manage it even with my hip-replacements 😂

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Apr-19 20:34:27

One of our AC has done it. I am frightened of heights but would like to do it if only to prove to myself that I can.

callgirl1 Sat 27-Apr-19 21:26:23

I`d love to do it, but know that it`s out of the question now, unless I can borrow your hoist Gonegirl?
My 2 younger daughters want to do it next time they go to the Dome to a show, there wasn`t time when we were there a few weeks ago.