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Scott Mitchell - Barbara Windsor's husband

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kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 10:31:12

Seems like a really nice man. I didn't expect to like him but find I do.

LullyDully Sun 28-Apr-19 12:09:21

Did you meet him?

Anja Sun 28-Apr-19 12:30:14

He’s runnmg the London Marathon today to raise money for dementia research.

Callistemon Sun 28-Apr-19 12:33:08

Yes, I saw them being interviewed and talking about running the Marathon and thought that he seemed to be a lovely man.

EllanVannin Sun 28-Apr-19 12:38:36

He's obviously a very caring man, which means a lot in my books especially given the age difference.

ninathenana Sun 28-Apr-19 12:39:17

I can't make up my mind about him.
I often think he's wrong in agreeing to so many articles about her and how her dementia is affecting her.
"Barbra does this, she forgets that"
It just makes me feel uneasy. Is she aware that he talks to the press so much.
Making people aware of this horrid condition is good but is this too personal.
I do admire him for running the marathon.

kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 12:40:46

He's been on TV a lot lately talking about the marathon fundraising for research and just seemed much nicer than I imagined him to be.

Callistemon Sun 28-Apr-19 12:46:38

Yes, I think she is aware and has always lived her life in the glare of publicity so I don't think she would be unhappy about raising awareness about dementia.

maryeliza54 Sun 28-Apr-19 12:54:00

Great Canal Journeys used to make me feel uncomfortable in the same way but now I think it’s helpful to show a loving couple living with and adapting to dementia

kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 12:57:02

I think it can only be good to talk about it.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Apr-19 13:01:31

I m another who can’t make my mind up about him I get the feeling he’s living off her disability but that might be wrong but he’s on the radio a lot talking about nothing else and I have to ask why I just can’t really warm to him but then he’s stuck with her through thick and thin so guess that says something
I m not so sure she would have wanted it all in the public eye she was very into herself and her beauty boobs and sexuality would she really want people watching or knowing all the things she can’t do and be now
I m another who felt intrusive with Great canal journeys and sad for Prunella

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Apr-19 13:02:05

Anything that's stops the dreadful disease from being hidden and something to be ashamed of is worthwhile in my opinion.

As someone upthread pointed out Barbara Windsor has lived her life in the glare of publicity, and if Scott talking about their experiences with Dementia can help others along with raising money into research it can only be a good thing.

We loved Great Canal Joirneys, as it showed that you can still live and love with dementia.

We have dementia in our family and kept those suffering with it in their own homes until no longer possible. This enabled them to live and interact with family/friends/local community which we believe helped not only the people with dementia but us their close family.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Apr-19 13:13:37

My mum was such a smart lady always in fashionable clothes, little high heels, hair always done, nails painted she would have hated how she became with Alzheimer’s luckily she didn’t have any awareness but she would have hated people seeing her decline
I think there’s a vast difference between hiding it away and plastering it everywhere without permission (because they can’t give permission)
Of course people with this horrible disease should not be shut away they should take part in whatever they can as part of the family and as naturally as they can but not paraded as poster girls for the illness in my opinion
My schoolfriend has been suffering for about six years now we still take her out to lunch each month with us as a group and will continue as long as she can manage

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Apr-19 13:25:04

Other than releasing an occasional photograph of BW, in which she has been fully made up, hair done etc., she has not been out in public that I know off for over a year.

GillT57 Sun 28-Apr-19 13:31:02

I understand both sides of the argument here, but on balance, I think he is doing the right thing by getting Alzheimers out in the open, showing people that it can, and does happen to anyone. As someone who watched both parents battle with it, and others in the family deny that their spouse had it ( as if it was some shameful secret), I think that anything which helps to raise funds for research has to be applauded. Yes, I did initially wonder about him with the age gap, but he has stayed the course, has stuck by her in sickness and in health.

kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 13:42:44

I think I remember her giving him permission to talk about it when she was first diagnosed.

kittylester Sun 28-Apr-19 14:07:11

Apparently, someone as high profile as Barbara Windsor is great for generating donations for various Alzheimer's charities which can only be good, surely?

Izabella Sun 28-Apr-19 14:45:14

I agree that we need to get this into the open. I have told everyone since I have been diagnosed in February and feel I have been able to educate and inform many people.

What I find personally is that people are not used to (or aware) of the fact that with an early diagnosis you can appear more or less ok. I am constantly questioned if I really have Alzheimers.

Callistemon Sun 28-Apr-19 14:58:53

What I find personally is that people are not used to (or aware) of the fact that with an early diagnosis you can appear more or less ok. I am constantly questioned if I really have Alzheimers.
Izabella I'm sorry to hear that. You are doing the right thing trying to educate and inform people about Alzheimers, well done.

We have a friend who was been diagnosed quite some time ago and he is encountering difficulties, but then will have a conversation with DH when everything seems perfectly normal.

sodapop Sun 28-Apr-19 17:22:58

I agree Izabella and nobody better placed than you and others who are dealing with this to educate and inform. Well done for being brave enough to talk about it that takes courage.
I think on balance I prefer Scott Mitchell to be open about things rather than hiding away.

ayokunmi1 Sun 28-Apr-19 17:46:26

Hecwas hardly on the social.medua platform.when she was well .
Who are you thats thoes who feel they are uneasy with him.
To be honest im uneasy with you as well.
How do we ever get support abd recognition of anything if we dont talk about it

ninathenana Thu 02-May-19 17:54:45

Well when it comes down to it we don't really know him and you don't know any of us. ayokunmil
However, it's just my opinion.