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mokryna Thu 02-May-19 17:00:41

Thank you to the lady who spent over an hour and half over with going backwards and forwards with over 18? tries. With her patience and understanding I came out with 4 new bras in a size and shape I had never bought. Such service I don't get here in France. I am so grateful.

LullyDully Thu 02-May-19 17:19:27

Bras do seem to have changed shape recently. They seem very wide and rounded. Not good for the amply endowed like me. Am I mistaken, maybe?

mokryna Fri 03-May-19 06:54:02

I don't know about the shape of bras changing but I have I am astonished at the attention the lady gave me.

sassenach512 Fri 03-May-19 16:02:45

Well I'm not at all happy with the M & S bra department. Today, I trawled backwards and forwards around every rack looking for front fastening bras and the only one I could find was a sports bra with a zip up the front.
When I found an assistant to ask if they stocked any, she told me no they didn't but they had some online I could order!
I told her there must be lots of women like me who have arthritis in their shoulder which makes fastening very painful and to not stock them in the shop but can order online is ludicrous. I want to look at it to see if it's suitable for me, not wait for it coming and maybe have to send it back and start again.
In any case, isn't online shopping the cause of shops like theirs and Debenhams etc closing stores?
Sorry ladies I was so cross, rant over

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 03-May-19 16:07:36

I like M&S bras and hope to goodness they don't go out of business as I'd have to try elsewhere. I've always found the service good.

sassenach512 Fri 03-May-19 16:18:39

I like their bras too loveBC that's why I was there, I just don't understand why they can stock row upon row of lacy, padded, underwired, support etc bras but no front fastening ones confused

Blinko Fri 03-May-19 16:21:36

Bravissimo every time for me..

Liz46 Fri 03-May-19 16:45:01

I miss BHS bras. The elastic is rapidly deteriorating in my old bras and I am having trouble in finding more that fit well.

LullyDully Fri 03-May-19 17:18:05

I always buy at M and S but have trouble when they are on the rack near the floor. I don't get up easily or gracefully from the floor.

aggie Fri 03-May-19 17:38:58

and they stock the larger , more generously cupped ones at floor level !

How do I know wink

mokryna Fri 03-May-19 18:44:11

I can't speak too highly of the lady at the Trafford centre Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon.