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I can't believe I did it again!

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fizzers Thu 09-May-19 14:32:13

washed an item of clothing with tissue in the pocket..... and it was a dark wash.....

nanasam Thu 09-May-19 14:37:05

Why does this happen only on dark washes, never whites? angry

kittylester Thu 09-May-19 14:37:44

I have done that a couple of times recently - it's a pain.

I use a lint roller while I'm ironing.

HildaW Thu 09-May-19 14:37:54

Yup pretty annoying trick (yuk warning) is to discretely pop a panty liner/tena lady thingy into dressing gown pocket rather than put it into bathroom bin....just in case someone...lor knows who should see it and be offended....and then leave it in for the wash! Worryingly they always survive pretty much intact and I know some folks flush them!

Nannylovesshopping Thu 09-May-19 14:38:05

I can feel your frustration from here😂 the times I’ve done
that and as I live on my own, my tissues☹️ My all time fave, which I did yet again last week was throw my undies down the loo rather than the laundry basket next to the loo!

fizzers Thu 09-May-19 14:46:24

I had to wash everything again and there were still white bits of tissue on a few items..... no wonder I have a headache

JackyB Thu 09-May-19 14:47:13

Embarrassing things like panty liners I roll up in loo paper before throwing away, even at home.

Drying the washing on the line and giving it a good shake gets rid of the worst of the scraps of tissue, I find. Then a sticky clothes roller to get rid of the rest whilst ironing /folding.

GillT57 Thu 09-May-19 14:49:13

Yes, it is amazing how it is always a black wash isn't it! I made such a mess once of a favourite long navy cardigan, rather expensive it was too. I just couldn't get all the bits off so put it back in the bottom of the laundry basket as a constant reproach. Just couldn't bring myself to throw it out.

grannyqueenie Thu 09-May-19 14:52:44

A crumpled tissue in the pocket of black linen trousers is my speciality!

Sussexborn Thu 09-May-19 14:58:51

Tumble drying is meant to get rid of the flecks. I rarely use the dryer but might be worth trying another time.

I washed an all wool cardigan (about the third time of washing) on a 30o degree delicates cycle and it bobbled and shed black fluff. Took two full rinse cycles to get rid of it. Keep meaning to complain to woolovers but have needed the warmth this last week, especially as our boiler packed up.

GillT57 Thu 09-May-19 15:11:59

I did try tumble drying but the tissue in the pocket and surrounding area just wouldn't go, and yes grannyqueenie nothing brats a tissue in the pocket of black linen trousers!

Sara65 Thu 09-May-19 15:18:10

I’ve done it so many times!!! I always put it in the drier, that seems to get rid of it EVENTUALLY

KatyK Thu 09-May-19 15:26:50

Me too. And I always check pockets. Obviously not we'll enough.

annodomini Thu 09-May-19 15:47:14

The drier gets rid of some of the bits, but there always seem to be a few stubborn little ones. I have a gadget for 'de-bobbling' woollens which also works for little bits of tissue.

Liz46 Thu 09-May-19 15:56:50

I couldn't understand why this kept happening to me and always in a dark wash. I was being really careful checking my husband's pockets having washed screwdrivers etc. I eventually discovered he has a pocket in a pair of shorts that look like underpants and he uses as pyjamas.

jusnoneed Thu 09-May-19 15:59:03

I use strips of selloptape to remove any stubborn bits, put the item on ironing board (I find easier than table) and use lengths of tape to go over them.

Grammaretto Thu 09-May-19 16:10:14

My standards are quite low. I can't think how many tissues have been through the wash but my trick is to do everything on a quick wash at 30c so they barely get wet!. Blowing on the line seems to render most things clean and clear of white flecks. I've washed many a ££ note. A cheque didn't do very well recently so the bank refused it.

phoenix Thu 09-May-19 17:29:01

kitty shock wash your mouth out with soap for using such language! I*r0#i&g How very dare you!

kittylester Thu 09-May-19 18:42:56

Apologies phoenix.grin

Thingmajig Thu 09-May-19 22:02:16

Our tissues are of such good quality that even if they end up in the wash they stay intact so make no mess! (no we don't re-use them!!!) They are Tempo available in Semichem for a mere £1. grin

BradfordLass72 Fri 10-May-19 06:52:13

Even more frustrating is to go through every pocket, start the was and at the end still find the mess of a mashed tissue because there was just one pocket you overlooked. angry

Like JackyB I give the items several really snap-hard shakes, put them on the line then shake again when they're dry.

Ironing? What's that? grin

Flossieturner Fri 10-May-19 08:24:18

The first law of laundry states.

Any pocket searched before going into the machine will be empty. Any pocket not searched will contain a tissue.

It is so annoying