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BBC 4 Brexit: Behind Closed Doors

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Urmstongran Fri 10-May-19 18:49:45

The EU had a crack negotiating team and a strategy. To play hard ball to dissuade any other country from thinking it would be easy to slip off the handcuffs.

I don’t blame them in the least. They have their rules and their four freedoms which are indivisible. Good fir them.

It was our own fudged soft strategy that failed. Mrs May giving away far too much at the beginning in the spirit of cooperation and niceness.

And look where it got us. Beyond embarrassing!

Iam64 Fri 10-May-19 17:59:39

Whitewavemark2, I agree this mess is the responsibility of the Tories, Cameron for the mess made of the referendum and Mays lot since then. Like you, I question how they can be trusted.
My but is with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. He spoke yesterday again, stressing he’d make labours position clear. I met up with six people who traditionally vote Labour, no one had a clear view of its policy. Well, except for agreement Jc wants out of Europe but won’t be clear about that. Is Seamus Milne the real labour leader?
What a shameful mess and muddle and whilst it’s largely down to the Conservatives, the Labour Party has contributed

Whitewavemark2 Fri 10-May-19 17:27:09

The Tory Government is entirely responsible for the utter mess we are in.

I watched this programme and felt just as everyone else did on this thread.

Watching was cringe making. How can the Tories ever be trusted to do anything ever again?

Telly Fri 10-May-19 16:52:00

We are in a mess and it's all our own making. After the referendum I heard somwhere that we didn't have negotiators of sufficient calibre and it looks like they were right. That and we don't know what we want, it's everything we thought, only much worse. The consequences are dire and we will be living with them for decades.

silverlining48 Fri 10-May-19 16:29:22

Agree with Iam. What a mess.

Calendargirl Fri 10-May-19 16:29:13

Yes, I agree with what you say. I hoped the EU would show themselves in a poor light, but we just looked hopeless. No real idea about anything, and our negotiating skills abysmal. What a mess it all is!

Iam64 Fri 10-May-19 16:01:16

Shocking and shaming of our negotiators. The Others were more intelligent, focussed on working together - we are doomed 😱

yggdrasil Fri 10-May-19 15:19:12

It was pretty obvious that the EU hasn't got what it wants, which is for us to stay. They were bending over backwards to help, even though knowing the referendum was a fraud, but May and Davis were determined to make the EU out to be the villains. All that talk of 'punishment' was cringeworthy angry

srn63 Fri 10-May-19 14:02:13

What did everyone think about this programme, shown in 2 parts on Wednesday and Thursday night?
To be honest it left me totally bemused and shocked over our negotiations or lack of them and I felt that it portrayed the EU negotiators in a better light than I thought I would feel them to be. Yes, they did poke fun at us at times, but I think it showed their frustration over our negotiator's lack of a plan. I thought negotiations consisted of two sides coming together with a plan each and hopefully reaching a compromise, the EU seem to have got everything they wanted due to the fact that it took so long for us to tell them what we wanted.