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The Care Desert....

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Mamissimo Wed 15-May-19 08:08:45

Age UK has commissioned research which confirms what we all know about the state of care in the UK. It makes sad reading.’s a very skewed piece of research because our postcode covers 12 rural houses and we don’t have a care home....and many city centres won’t have one either.

It is however a simple way of illustrating the problem and confirms what we all know. How I wish Age UK would have a research forum on GN! We could add grist to their mill.

MawBroonsback Wed 15-May-19 08:18:20

I read the article in the DT this morning and was horrified. I hope you will permit a short “cut and paste” which highlights examples of the issue.
Under the current system, self-funders effectively subsidise state-funded beds in their area, meaning that shortages are worse in poorer districts.
In Hull, for example, more than a third of the nursing home beds have been lost over the past three years.
The report found the lack of social care options was forcing families to travel long distances to see loved ones.
In Totnes, Devon, there are only two facilities providing nursing care for the elderly within 10 miles, one of which was at 100 per cent capacity at the time of the last inspection, while the other is devoted to Polish war veterans and their families.
The Government has repeatedly delayed a long-awaited Green Paper setting out its plan to reform social care in England
Is the Government too busy getting its knickers in a twist over Brexit perhaps?

12Michael Wed 15-May-19 08:32:21

Where I live its supposed to be Independent Living , but those tenants who require care get it, although in some cases are moved to care homes which for a price cover 24/7 and includes meals as well.
The carers including NHS staff as well , seem to be caring through there employer more than one person , whether or not the person being cared for is getting finance support , which seems to come from within the respective county council or other authority as to funding.

paddyann Wed 15-May-19 11:35:16

care homes in abundance here ,two new local authority ones opened within the past few months and on the site of the old ones they vacated two privately run homes are currently being built .My GD's other granny own/ runs 3 in a small town on the Clyde and there are several others there too.The "old" LA homes had to be replaced because they didn't provide en suite facilities for every room ,they were built in the 70's .