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Games for Us OBEs.!

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Rufus2 Fri 17-May-19 14:17:03

Could we please request some ideas for indoor games for our Over 80s Club, (OBEs)? I've looked at the Games thread for ideas, but the thought of trawling through a heap of trivia is daunting to say the least; sorry, but that's how it seems! sad
There are around 15 of us, by no means senile, but our present "leader", whilst very motivated, seems to be more into kids stuff. Any suggestions would be much appreciated; I think she will welcome input from the class. There's no need to supply chapter and verse; just a reference name would enable us to visit Dr. Google! smile
Thank you so much. OoRoo
Btw; We're not looking for Olympics - type games; more sedentary exercises for the brain, some of which we have retained fortunately! grin

ninathenana Fri 17-May-19 15:11:13

Name that tune.
Who am I ?
Pick a topic i.e. flowers name them in turn alphabetically.

Eglantine21 Fri 17-May-19 15:17:56

Try Exit games. I can’t do links but if you type it into Amazon you will see them.

Good fun, you play as a group and it certainly gets the mind working.

They suggest a time limit but I think it’s more fun to keep puzzling away - sometimes for days!

BlueBelle Fri 17-May-19 15:37:52

Word2( scrabble type) and ‘word with friends’ if you have iPads or iPhones they re apple apps and you play with others you may know or with strangers you don’t

Rufus2 Sat 18-May-19 11:43:37

Thank you! You've triggered off some thoughts already. Especially the thought of iPhones and iPads.! Who knows!?; we might be able to persuade the local Council to buy us one each as part of its "social inclusion, keep them at home programme". If you don't ask you don't get! grin Please keep them coming.

BradfordLass72 Sun 19-May-19 04:22:06

Does it need to be competitive?

Sing-along of pre and post war songs. My groups absolutely love this. Just need one confident singer to start it off. Include favourite hymns too.

Print out some logos: see pictures. How many can you identify?

I used to collect oral histories and the best question to start anyone talking was, 'What's the earliest thing you remember?'
It may be a school memory (nasty or nice teacher) or something grandma said. Leads to some wonderful conversations and fantastic memories.

And a word game which seems popular is Word Train: The first person comes up with a word, say, 'serpent' and the next person's word must begin with T, always the last letter must start the next word.
You can also make this in card, similar to dominoes.

Also, Google "celebrities from 1940's" then go to 'Images' print pictures and see how many can be identified. If you want this to be competitive, do it in twos or threes against one another.

Rufus2 Mon 20-May-19 13:15:35

Does it need to be competitive?
BradfordLass; Doesn't have to be!
Thanks for all contributions; we meet again on Thursday when they will be considered OoRoo

sue421 Sun 26-May-19 13:29:22

Qwirkle. Good for the brain
You will have to look them up cos I cant explain them

DoraMarr Sun 26-May-19 14:16:07

“Heads Up”, which you can download on iPads.