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I nearly put this under pets!!!

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Craftycat Thu 23-May-19 10:18:45

We live opposite woodland with a small field behind us.
For the last 3 years a Vixen has had her cubs in a bank in the field so the first place they discover is our garden. As the very end of our garden is not useful as it is so shaded by trees on the boundary that do not belong to us it has not caused us any trouble & the babies are very sweet.
We have 4 cats & the foxes are very wary of them & they do not pose any threat to the cats. More the other way round. We have had to net the ponds as they do like a goldfish or 2! I think they are keeping the mice down though.
The GC love seeing the babies when they stay so all in all it is not a problem.
However last night I went out to out some rubbish in the bin & snuggle together on my sunbed on the patio were 3 little cubs- fast asleep.
Talk about taking the you know what.
I hosed it down this morning & I'll fold it up tonight but it does make you wonder how they will manage in the wild when they move to the woods when they get bigger.
Maybe I'll have to take a duvet over for them!

farview Thu 23-May-19 12:16:04

Oh Craftycat that's so lovely 😊

Mycatisahacker Thu 23-May-19 12:19:14

Aw bless them.

We always feed the foxes and badgers that wander into our garden.

Dh cooked them a chicken dinner on Christmas Eve grin

Witzend Thu 23-May-19 12:21:30

Did you take a pic? Don't think I could have resisted!

You need a sign up on your sunbed in future - HUMANS ONLY!
Similar to what my brother put up on their self-serve cat feeding station (they always have several rescues) - THIN CATS ONLY!

EllanVannin Thu 23-May-19 17:08:13

My little Bertie cat was " got-at " by a fox a couple of years back. I'd heard a commotion in the garden and knew the sound of the fox and also Bertie putting up a fight. Anyway the cat's hind leg had been caught as it had a gash in it so I bathed it and put germolene on it as it wouldn't harm if he licked it off. Fortunately the cat didn't suffer any ill-effects so there was no need for a visit to the vet.

The fox had obviously been after the fleece cover that's in the cat kennel outside ( for an old stray tomcat ) and had dragged it up the garden and Bertie objected !

Jane10 Thu 23-May-19 17:27:05

How lovely for you. We used to see foxes quite often in our garden but not so much lately.

Alima Thu 23-May-19 17:58:53

Sounds a beautiful sight. Reminds me of the advert with the Boxer dog using a trampoline.

fiorentina51 Thu 23-May-19 21:06:13

Thought I'd share photos of a fox who likes to enjoy the sun in our garden.

Craftycat Fri 24-May-19 13:20:55

It was dark & they shot off as soon as I got close or I would have tried for a photo.
This morning I found that for some weird reason they had dug up some of my bedding plants. Not so cute today!
Probably in retaliation for me waking them up the night before.

ninathenana Fri 24-May-19 18:24:19

I've posted these before, they were taken last year.