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BlueBelle Wed 05-Jun-19 08:00:41

Oh my word bloody passwords
I have just tried to log in to my local free site as I wanted to give something to someone wanting it in my area
It won’t accept my password although I have it written down so know it is the correct one
Never mind apply for a new one, they email me a new 6 letter/ number password, so off I go with renewed vigour, oh no it won’t accept that either maybe that 0 is really a capital 0 try it nah perhaps the b is really a 6 nah could the 5 be a S long shot but nah See a note that says if you want your own password go to ‘My settings’ ahh great yes I ll do that, go into ‘my settings’ it tells me how to change my username how to do a, b and c but not a word about passwords
I give up I m now steaming and the item I want to give away sits firmly in the spare room and I m in a bad mood grrrrr

Walk round the garden, deep breaths

dragonfly46 Wed 05-Jun-19 08:04:34

I use a password manager which logs me in automatically.

EllanVannin Wed 05-Jun-19 08:30:46

My internet kept going down yesterday intermittently. Then when I tried to log back in I was getting " security certificate " notices on every web page I logged in to. It's just done it now on this site.
I know it's Talktalk doing this but they never say anything and because of the fiddling about that you try and do to get it back to normal, it beggars everything else up.

Makes me wonder when these things happen what it does to the laptop itself ? I get quite paranoid at times wondering about ISP companies who control our internet that it's done on purpose ?

annodomini Wed 05-Jun-19 08:57:33

Inexplicably, my bank asked me for the 14th digit of my password. It only had 12 digits. I had to re-register after many fruitless attempts to make sense of it.

Franbern Wed 05-Jun-19 09:30:59

Think these passwords are one of the real frustrations of modern living. I keep an old telephone book, with every single password in it.
Often find, the following a Windows 10 update, several of the sites into which I am normally automatically logged, start to ask me for passwords, etc. Amazing how often they then say that the the one I know is correct is incorrect.
So, I then click on 'forgotten password', they then tell me they have sent a number to my email.
So, log out of that site, look at my emails, find that number, often having to search in spam file for it - go back to site, and they tell me that number is not correct, and we start again.....and again.....and again
When I do finally manage to 'get in' I put in the same password I have always used for that site and it is always accepted.
Wonder how many hours I spend on this sort of palarvar???

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 05-Jun-19 09:36:24

This really gets my goat too. Technology, eh? Trouble is we don't all know the little 'ins and outs' of this stuff, I don't anyway. A little earlier I got the 'no internet' grrr sign and thought 'oh crumbs'.
The time-honoured 'switch it off, count to 10 whilst leaning head against wall, switch it back on' - then a few presses of a switch on the box and hey presto! Fingers crossed.

NanaMacGeek Wed 05-Jun-19 21:03:43

Franbern, every time you close the site/app to check your email for a verification code or password link, you will need to start the login process again. If you are having to close something down so you can look at your email, it sounds as if you are not yet comfortable about moving between open apps. In Windows 10, you can see small images of all open apps by selecting the 'task view' button. You can click the app you want to see full screen, select 'task view' again and pick another, no closing anything in between. You can copy and paste between them too. You can also close them down in 'task view'. If you can't find 'task view' after hovering the cursor over all the symbols along the bottom of your screen you may have to search your Windows 10 PC or Google it to see what it looks like.

If you want to move between internet pages (and not shut one down in order to open another), you can do the same by opening new tabs (little + sign to the right of the top of the page you have open). To close a tab, click the x in the corner.

Pardon me if you already know all this but your description leads me to think you may not and I meet many people who have not found out (or been shown) how to move between open screens, apps and web pages on a PC, tablet or smartphone.