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Auntieflo Sat 08-Jun-19 15:30:09

There is a GN survey running at the moment. The last question asks how old are your grandchildren, and tick all that applies.
My grandchildren range from 5 up to 29, but I could only tick over 17. Why? I am proud of all of them, whatever age.

EllanVannin Sat 08-Jun-19 16:12:09

I'm just grateful to be alive ! My oldest GC are coming up to 36 the youngest being 23.
My eldest D will be 60 in 2021 ! Imagine having a pensioner daughter. I can't get my head around it.

Laurely Sat 08-Jun-19 16:17:19

Presumably because 'over 17' = 18 and upward, and therefore legally adult.

crazyH Sat 08-Jun-19 16:21:12

How lovely Ellan - were you a child bride ?
My youngest grandchild is only 7 months old and oldest is 17 years old .

blossom14 Sat 08-Jun-19 17:17:33

My eldest DD will be 60 next year. I have GC ranging in ages from 14 to 38 and two GGC 9 and 7.
We are celebrating our Diamond Wedding this week very quietly with old friends as I don't think any of the family except my younger DD are aware of the milestone. I am quite happy with this as since DH had a stoke last year he finds big 'get togethers' tough going.

chicken Sat 08-Jun-19 17:56:43

Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding this week blossom14. Ours was in July last year. Our ten GC range from 17 to 27. No GGC yet..

downtoearth Sat 08-Jun-19 17:59:40

Two grandaughters one 20,and one 11 months.

MiniMoon Sat 08-Jun-19 18:41:55

I was a late starter. My grandchildren are 6, 8, 10 and 12. I'm only 67 by the way.