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tinaf1 Mon 10-Jun-19 15:03:50

Have any grans grandads been receiving e mails (scam ) advising either that your DD payment has been declined or your license will be cancelled due to DD payments not going through. I have received quite a few e mails recently
Being as it looks like I will be now paying for a license until I start watching the big TV in the sky I thought I would ask 🙂

kittylester Mon 10-Jun-19 15:09:49

I get them regularly. I can ignore them safe in the knowledge that DH pays it by DD so it is nothing to do with me. But, it could worry a few people.

Nonnie Mon 10-Jun-19 16:02:24

I get them too so we won't be paying for a license unless they send us a paper bill!

KatyK Mon 10-Jun-19 16:06:33

Yes I've had a few of these. I just delete them.

Beammeupscottie Mon 10-Jun-19 16:09:02

In June 2020 free licenses will be abolished, unless on benefits. That will hit pensioners

12Michael Mon 10-Jun-19 17:14:46

This is what this petition is all about, sign it and pass it onto others regardless of age .

M0nica Mon 10-Jun-19 20:52:27

We have not applied for the free license, even though we are over 75. Too much hassle and we can fford to pay.

Quite agree with BBC's decision. The original offer by Gordon Brown was just a bribe to win votes at minimal cost.

crazyH Mon 10-Jun-19 21:02:28

I get them...they go into the bin

12Michael Tue 11-Jun-19 06:24:24

I think Gordon Brown and Tony Blair bribed quite a few pensioners as regards o votes , even the bus pass is becoming a sticky costs with the government contributing less ,and expecting county councils or metropolitan areas to pay bus or rail operators the rest.

Greyduster Tue 11-Jun-19 06:58:36

I agree Mick, but without the bus pass many seniors would have to think twice about how often they travelled, and without them, the buses would be mostly empty during the day, so it wouldn’t be economical to run them. Those where I live would be anyway.

oldgoat Tue 11-Jun-19 07:13:49

Didn't the Tories pledge to continue free TV for the over 75s in their 2017 manifesto? Was that a bribe too?

NannyJan53 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:54:30

It was obviously a lie oldgoat . Nothing new there then !

GabriellaG54 Tue 11-Jun-19 07:59:41

Surrey Police in conjunction with NW send out regular email alerts re crime, scams and anything else they think we should be aware of so we are kept well informed.

Riverwalk Tue 11-Jun-19 08:09:12

When I received this scam it looked reasonably authentic at first glance, until I noticed that Licence had been misspelled!

Didn't the Tories pledge to continue free TV for the over 75s in their 2017 manifesto? Was that a bribe too?

According to the BBC chairman, by the time the manifesto was released the responsibility for the over-75s had already been handed over to the BBC.

To hear yesterday that Theresa May is 'disappointed' in the decision says it all about her and her premiership.

Franbern Tue 11-Jun-19 10:04:31

How on earth can May be 'disappointed' in the BBC decision re. over-75 BBC Licences. The Tory Government wanted to get rid of these a few years back, and the BBC stepped in to say they would take on this expense. They just cannot afford to continue what should be the responsibility of the Government. But then, it is obviously more important to cut taxes for the higher earners, than it is to care about the elderly!!!

MiniMoon Tue 11-Jun-19 11:06:54

I'm nowhere near qualifying for a free licence yet, but I'm seriously toying with the idea of giving up paying it and no longer watching terrestrial tv.
We pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Sooner or later any good tv series finds its way on to these.
My DD doesn't pay a licence fee (hasn't for several years). Everything they watch comes via streaming services and Now TV.

MiniMoon Tue 11-Jun-19 11:08:50

PS. How does the BBC justify paying Gary Lineker £1.5m just to present football!

Caledonai14 Tue 11-Jun-19 12:00:50

The Tories did pledge to continue free TV for over 75s in their 2017 manifesto, appearing to overturn George Osborne's sleight of hand (along with speeding up the pension changes for women born in the 50s) to save even more money by picking a soft target.

The BBC should not be in this position today.

All those saying it will be OK because the poorest pensioners on pension credit will still get it and the rest should be able to afford it are ignoring the realities of life in Britain today for the just-about-managing.

Rather than remove yet another benefit for all except those who can be means-tested-to-death, why not accept that those who can afford it should simply not apply for it? That leaves the option open for them to apply if there is a change in circumstances, which can happen to any of us.

And George Osborne should be the subject of an enquiry by one of the more robust Westminster all-party committees. Televised, of course.

Caledonai14 Tue 11-Jun-19 12:04:12

Makes you think, doesn't it?