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So sweet!

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Beckett Tue 11-Jun-19 11:57:17

Local radio has a programme which introduces new artists. Recently one young man was in the studio doing an interview when his mobile rang - the presenter told him to go ahead and answer as the display showed it was his Mum.

There was a very funny exchange in which he tried to convince her that he was in the radio studio, eventually he said he would ring her back and as he rang off he said "love you". It was obviously the way he always ends calls to his Mum and I thought it was very sweet. (OK I am easily pleased grin)

BradfordLass72 Wed 12-Jun-19 03:18:59

It was sweet and it's exactly how my son ends all his calls to me too.

Every now and then, in addition to the hugs I get each time he visits, he'll say, "It's not just a throw-away 'I love you' Mum, I mean every word, however often I say it."

He's an exceptional man and I am very, very fortunate and privileged to be his Mum.

absent Wed 12-Jun-19 05:45:27

It never hurts to tell someone we love that we love them, even if they already know it.