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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 16-Jun-19 06:17:25

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry and greyish at the moment in Brackley but hopefully a pleasant day.
Yesterday, ended up with travel being a turmoil , the A421 Buckingham Ring Road is being resurfaced , causing gridlock on the London Road in the town, Buses diverted through villages adding extra journey times , chaos in progress.
Anyway despite those hold ups did have my day out.
And the flea market stall was there which I get those maps from this time I got a cloth map , Daily Mail map of South East England dated 1937.

BlueSapphire Sun 16-Jun-19 06:37:22

Good morning everyone - it's dry at the moment in Northampton, but who knows how long it will last?
Have just brought a cup of tea back to bed with the papers, first time I've done this for ages as the cats have gone to the cattery and it's strangely quiet.
Had a lovely meal out yesterday with family and then to watch DGD dance in her annual stage school show, which was very good. I don't know how she learns and remembers so many different dances.
No plans for today except perhaps start sorting packing out for my cruise.
Hope everyone's day goes well.

Beechnut Sun 16-Jun-19 06:48:03

Good Morning everyone.
Very grey and the clouds look like they have a present for us later.
Most days I bring my first cup of tea back to bed and have my first look at gransnet.
Today will be much the same as yesterday for me.
Sounds like you had the benefit of a mystery tour on the bus yesterday Mick
Enjoy your day all 🌺

Brunette10 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:09:23

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It’s quite bright here in Fife at the moment but may dull over. Have DGS2 up bright and early but he has slept since 7.30 last night so can’t complain, DGS1 still sleeping. Not sure what today will bring, you never know with young ones but it will def be a busy one and fun too. Hope today is good for everyone.

Ginny42 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:09:44

Morning Mick and everyone. The sun was here in Cheshire a minute ago and I've hung washing out and now it's cloudy. It rained heavily in the night and the poor roses are battered with petals everywhere. I'll have to go and sweep the garden if the rain stays away.

Do you think you could still find your way with the map now Mick? It would be interesting to compare with a recent one.

I bought a dress yesterday from the shop closing down. I loved another one of gorgeous material, but would have to pay for alterations and with a sale price of £112 it stayed in the shop.

A walk with neighbours in the woods at 9 o'clock and another this afternoon with friends and dinner with them. Enjoy your day whatever you've planned.

EllanVannin Sun 16-Jun-19 07:14:25

Good morning All x
A bright morning to start with but the prospects for further on in the day don't look so good. It's very unsettled.
The magpies woke me up early squawking at one another, then the cats wanted to go out so I just carried on making my welcome morning cuppa and put the news on.

Aussie family still with friends in Yorkshire then back here tomorrow. They're off to Scotland next I think, then Skiathos for a week, a visit to family in Kent then back before they leave next month. Phew, whistle-stop or what ?

All I have to do is chop some mint for dinner later so nothing more energetic than that today.

Hope everyone else has an easy day.

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Jun-19 07:25:41

Morning All

A superb sunny, warm morning with a gentle breeze here in Norfolk. Showers forecast for later though.

The garden is full of fledgling sparrows, blackbirds and robin, and I think I saw a young greenfinch. I do hope so. I shall be out later holding the bottom of the steps so DH can cut the last out of reach bit of the hedge. Hopefully it’ll not need doing again until the autumn.

Alygran Sun 16-Jun-19 07:27:53

Good morning everyone. Just about packed ready for my flight home today. Will try to bring the lovely Croatian sunshine back with me.
Remembering and celebrating all the lovely dads on Father’s Day.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Marydoll Sun 16-Jun-19 07:39:50

Good morning all, from a cloudy Glasgow.
Mick, that's was good you managed to pick up a map. I would love a rummage in that stall.

Not much planned, as I'm still feeling yukky. Family will probably descend later for Father's day, so I really should get some scones in the oven.

I'm hoping to get DS's washing out for a while before the promised rain. After offering to pick up their washing yesterday morning to keep the mountain down, ("We have none"), DIL appeared last night with all their bed linen! angry (Should this be on the DIL thread? grin.)
I know it's nothing in the scheme of things, compared to other's troubles, but this chronic fatigue is dragging me down and even doing washing is a big thing.
Things will be better after a cuppa at exactly 8.23am. Counting the minutes! I can't eat for an hour after my new RA meds! grin

Have a peaceful and pleasant Sunday everyone. I hope no-one is affected by the terrible flooding in England, those poor people. flowers

NannyJan53 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:47:40

Good Morning from a still grey Black Country.

We fly out to Rhodes this afternoon though, so hopefully more sunshine there!

Thinking of my Dad today, he would have been 96 in July, but sadly died aged 75. He fought in the WW2 but never talked about it to us children. The little I know was recounted to us by Mum. He was a kind hearted man but a little gruff at times, and who could blame him after all he saw!

Hoping you will be feeling much better Marydoll over the coming few days, it can be so draining feeling exhausted all the time and bound to make you feel down.

Wishing you all a pleasant day

12Michael Sun 16-Jun-19 07:50:20

The map , on the local bit of no problem today as old roads still there despite some minor changes.
But on a wider scale , London would be the most changed area , taking the North west approach using M40/A40 as some roads did not exist with A40 as it went via Uxbridge to Shepperd's Bush.

Lins1066 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:51:32

Good Morning all from a cloudy S Welsh coast.
Nothing planned here except a roast pork dinner later.

A Happy Father's Day, and remembering my lovely Dad and recently deceased Fil.

GabriellaG54 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:59:01

Another grey day here in Godalming after a somewhat damp night.
No run as it's my 'day off ' so I slept for a good 9 hours.
Brekkie then I may sort out clothes to take to charity shop tomorrow, something I keep putting off.
Lucky me, having dinner with oldest son later as he's working in London area till Wednesday. Haven't seen him for 8 months so it will be a very huggy meeting.
Marydoll forgive me for being outspoken but shouldn't your Dil stay to do the washing herself? She knows how unwell you are. I won't say more but really! Take care. flowers
To everyone, busy or not I hope the sun shines for you and the weekend ends on a good note.

Marydoll Sun 16-Jun-19 08:01:53

Mick, I love looking at maps. A colleague of mine served in Berlin with the British army and loaned my husband maps of Berlin, before the wall came down.
It was absolutely fascinating looking at them and comparing the maps to ones of modern Berlin.
I always loved teaching my pupils map reading.

Sprout Sun 16-Jun-19 08:02:27

Morning Mike and all funny morning in Kent overcast no rain for once the grass is still very wet though. Restful day today pottering around and a general tidy up as you do. Enjoy your day everyone

ninathenana Sun 16-Jun-19 08:04:44

Morning everyone.

It's a bright start in Kent but not actually sunny.
Ellan can I have some fresh mint please, we have leg of lamb as a father's day treat for DH.
Mick I'd love to see your old map having lived in Kent all my life. Not in 1937 I might add.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sun 16-Jun-19 08:06:26

Gabriella, you are forgiven! My wee DIL is very fragile at the moment and I'm trying my best to keep her on an even keel, so I'm biting my tongue for now. (Very difficult for a fiery redhead like me!) grin

GrannyGravy13 Sun 16-Jun-19 08:09:41

Another grey morning in SE Essex, a couple of “blue spots” in the distance.

Nothing planned for today, AC popping in to visit Mr.Gravy and his favourite roast beef for dinner!!

Keep dry and happy Father’s Day 🍺

kittylester Sun 16-Jun-19 08:14:12

Good morning from a bright and sunny North Leicestershire (which is clouding over as I type!)

I shall also be holding the bottom of a ladder, nfk, as we try to get rid of next doors overhanging branches. They have a ceanothus that is about 15' high. shock

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 16-Jun-19 08:17:53

Morning all from a brighter South Notts.
Will do a little shopping later and then take it easy. After the dental surgery on Friday I'm a bit swollen but the threatened black eyes have not appeared - yet. Just a few more days of antibiotics and steroids and then back to the normal routine.
Hope all is well for everyone.
Love poring over maps, Mick.

Greyduster Sun 16-Jun-19 08:20:42

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire and we are supposed to get a decent sort of day today so we thought we would have a run out to Wentworth Castle Gardens which the NT have taken over. Mick I like old maps too. We have one of the area we live in now and it is interesting to see how much of it used to be farm and woodland. Have a good, hopefully dry, day, folks.

annsixty Sun 16-Jun-19 08:23:28

Good morning all from a very cloudy Stockport.
Yesterday it lashed down in the afternoon and evening, it was torrential.
My D and GD are doing the Race for life today on Worthing seafront.
It is very poignant for them , being Fathers Day, as my dear husband , their father andgrandfather died from cancer 8 weeks ago.
They really are doing it for him.

MawBroonsback Sun 16-Jun-19 08:24:25

Good morning all from N Bucks where it is, yes, clouding over 🙁
A quiet day I think, yesterday’s play was absolutely brilliant but now I have some catching up to do.
Thinking of fathers- my own, my grandfathers, my lovely grandchildren’s young fathers and most of all, my children’s father. 💕

NanKate Sun 16-Jun-19 08:42:54

Morning Mick and All.

Grey day in South Bucks. May venture down to see how the second day of the Regatta is going. It’s a shame they have had such soggy weather.

Do keep is up to speed with your holiday in Rhodes NannyJan if you can.

I do so understand about the fatigue Marydoll every job seems like climbing a mountain. ☕️💐

Is your roof ok now Kitty ?

Justme67 Sun 16-Jun-19 08:54:23

Good morning to you all, I have been absent for a few days, but kept in touch with you all, so know what you are doing. Today would have been my husbands 89th birthday, and the family are going to have lunch out to celebrate his life and thank him for being such a lovely man.
Will be good to see us all together again, although my grandson is still in France, unfortunately, rain ruined his plans for a solo bike ride through the country.
Enjoy your Days.

Anniebach Sun 16-Jun-19 08:54:29

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

gillybob Sun 16-Jun-19 09:04:13

Good morning from the NE coast Where the sun is shining ☀️ ( for now ) .

Have a good Sunday everyone x

harrigran Sun 16-Jun-19 09:11:10

Good morning, sunny in the NE at present.
Family visiting this afternoon, need to decide on what we will eat as we got the message just as the shops were closing last night.

Urmstongran Sun 16-Jun-19 09:14:02

Good morning everyone from Malaga. Yesterday was glorious and we went into Mijas again for the afternoon as we really like it there. No plans for today.

Our youngest daughter has just FaceTime’d her dad and then the two excited grandchildren wanted in on it which was the best present my husband could have - we’ve been out here a while and are very much looking forward to seeing them on Thursday!

Bet you are excited to see your son today GabriellaG54 - I imagine he will be impressed by your fitness from training for the marathon you are entering in a few weeks!

Hope FD Sunday is pleasant for all of us, whether we have plans or (like us) none. x

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 16-Jun-19 09:52:13

Good morning from east London, started bright which is good as there’s a tennis (team) match at 5pm, then rain (not so good as I’ve made the cakes for the tea) but now it’s fine again. Hoping to see DSD and her mum before I go off to play as they’ve said they’ll drop in this afternoon. My family always said if ever I was on desert island discs, my luxury item would be a set of UK maps with accompanying walk books. Have a good day.

Harris27 Sun 16-Jun-19 10:26:01

Well it's not raining yet! Have a lively Sunday all much! Much the same here today Sunday lunch and ironing! Back to work tomorrow x

Harris27 Sun 16-Jun-19 10:28:47

Sorry should of checked spelling! Have a lovely Sunday! Meant much the same here chores! X

Grammaretto Sun 16-Jun-19 10:38:01

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders . I even had tea in the garden this morning to get my dose of Vitamin D.
We have many old maps too and they don't date as quickly as the sat nav.
Do you know Nick Crane's book : Two Degrees West: a walk along England's Meridian? It's fascinating.

Steady on MaryDoll you have to look after yourself first before you can help others. Isn't there a launderette somewhere? or a steamie if not can you get them a new machine? I got ours on Gumtree. It was cheaper than the repair quote.

A card arrived yesterday for DH. We thought it was a bit early for his birthday and then it dawned. Father's day was never a thing in our household. It must be DiL's influence.

Barleysugar Sun 16-Jun-19 11:15:39


Mijas - l love it too. My best friend moved there 6 years ago, & so we go over quite often. I should love to move there, but husband will not entertain living abroad.

Enjoy your holiday.

GabriellaG54 Sun 16-Jun-19 11:16:44

Oh well done Marydoll. You're obviously a strong sympathetic woman despite your health issues. Respect.

Hymnbook Sun 16-Jun-19 11:20:59

Morning from dull wet huthwaite Nottinghamshire. My friend is expected today. Another day to stop in. Amazed l managed yesterday to meet the ladies for brunch before the heavens opened. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.

Mapleleaf Sun 16-Jun-19 11:26:16

Good morning everyone,
Well, I’m back from Northumberland. We got home yesterday, so I’ve been busy doing the usual things necessary when you return - emptying the suitcase, putting everything away and loading the washing machine!
Despite the weather, which was mixed, with two days of non stop rain, we managed to have a nice, relaxing time.
We went to Cragside, Greyduster - it’s over 20 years since our last visit. Absolutely fascinating, and what a lovely,cosy house, nestled in the hillside. My favourite room was the study. Whilst we were indoors, it was raining, but by the time we had finished looking around, the sun was shining and we were able to have a look around the gorgeous gardens and take a fairly strenuous walk down to the pump house. The formal gardens were gorgeous, but everywhere, the rhododendrons were still in all their splendour in various shades of pink, purple, yellow and white - absolutely stunning. Then we did the 6 mile carriage drive in the car which gave a good idea of the size of the place, and that’s when we could really appreciate the beauty of the rhododendrons and the lakes with their picnic spots. The place is well worth a visit if any of you are ever up that way, and it’s run by the National Trust.
I didn’t realise Wentworth gardens were now managed by the National Trust as well, Greyduster. I will have to go and look. We’ve been to the garden centre there, but never into the grounds of the house and garden.
Well, it’s back to normal now, and if the grass dries off a bit this week, I really need to cut it as it’s sprouted considerably in all the rain we’ve had down here!
Enjoy your Sunday, whatever your plans. 🙂

Legs55 Sun 16-Jun-19 11:44:19

Good morning all, got up early, 7.00 but been half awake since 6.00. Papers arrived as I was getting dressed so my usual Sunday morning reading the papers, doing crosswords & sudoku.

It was raining when I got up, then bright sunshine, another shower, think it's a day indoors. So much for sunny Devon & English Rivieragrin .

Going to make rhubarb crumble after Lunch, rhubarb straight from my neighbour's garden.

Mick I love maps, have to use satnav when I'm driving, can't map read & drivehmm. I learnt to map read as a child, I live seeing how places have changed.

Have a lovely Sunday, forgot it was Father's Day, it passes me by as my Dad died 41 years ago.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 14:56:41

Marydoll. Well done on doing the washing! Sympathies re Fybro. Now make sure you have a rest! Please!

Was some sun earlier here in South Notts but cloudy and windy now. But dry so far...

I've just been on another thread and would very respectfully invite us all to take a look. I don't think some of the views quite reflect everything posted here over time but maybe you'd be interested. It is:
"Suddenly Feeling Lost"
on "Ask a Gran"

Marydoll Sun 16-Jun-19 15:01:04

Tillybelle flowers.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 15:02:12

Grammaretto. So glad I am not alone; Father's day was never a thing in our household. It's just another day to rub in the pain for my children as far as I'm concerned - he killed himself.

Greenfinch Sun 16-Jun-19 15:11:44

Oh Tillybelle how sad.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 16:51:44

Greenfinch It's so kind of you to respond. I have to admit - I feel terribly guilty when I mention it because other people are so happy. I just never quite know what to say or whether to keep myself to myself. On the thread I mentioned above, others had opened up and I realised how many of us there are who feel different because our lives are not filled with lots of happy things. - this probably helped me speak up.
Bless you, kind words really do help.

Greenfinch Mon 17-Jun-19 18:11:22

Tillybelle I can empathasise as we have mental health issues in our family too.Sometimes other people seem to have the perfect families but I wonder if this is really so. It is much more difficult to share bad times but I believe they are there for us all. You are very brave to share your personal problems and l think they will be helpful to others.