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New Hips - new life!

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Nannypammie Wed 19-Jun-19 09:37:52

I'm 68 and currently recovering from my second total hip replacement operation (June 1st). The first was done 6 months ago. I can't wait to get started on a new exercise regime and to get fitter and catching up on all the things I haven't been able to do for years. Any 'happy hippies' out there with inspiring stories?

chocolatepudding Wed 19-Jun-19 10:04:41

Hello Nannypammie,
My DB qualified as a doctor in the mid 1960s and spent a year doing research into the post operative care of hip replacement patients. One half of the ward had traditional bedrest for several days before being gently got out of bed and walking again. The other patients were out of bed within 24 hours of the operation - and he soon realised this was the best recovery practice.
I am sure there are plenty of good recovery stories to come.

Jilly43 Wed 19-Jun-19 10:19:06

Ian am following this with interest....I am down for total hip replacement in September...can't say I am looking forward to it...but I am 76 and think it can only get worse !! I have some better days...but very restricted now with distance I can walk even with a limp ! and when I turn over in bed the pain wakes me up like an alarm clock !

Bordersgirl57 Wed 19-Jun-19 11:29:03

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Charleygirl5 Wed 19-Jun-19 14:11:59

I know one GN who has had bilateral THRs done a few months apart I think within the last 14 months. She is walking better, is pain free and has planned a holiday next month. She will have to carry her suitcase around because the journey involves train changes without the assistance of lifts and/or escalators and she is up for it.

watermeadow Wed 19-Jun-19 20:01:09

I had a hip replacement twenty years ago and it’s lasting well, probably because I’m much less active now.
I was on a waiting list for 22 months, working full-time and unable to sleep or lift anything for the relentless pain. I was in hospital for 12 days but pain free from day one.
Recovery is much quicker now and the operation will transform your life.

tanith Wed 19-Jun-19 20:21:30

I’ve had both replaced first was 15 yrs ago the second 2 yrs ago they were both successful. The exercises were essential for a good recovery so make sure you do them every day. I did go back to work for a time after the first one but my job was very physical and I could only go back in a different role at a different location so ended up taking early retirement at 58 I’m happy I did.
Good luck with your recovery.

aggie Wed 19-Jun-19 20:43:28

I had one hip done just over a year ago and can't believe the difference , I kept putting off going to the Doctor because he told me I hadn't arthritis , and gave me tablets which made my stomach inflamed , I eventually saw a locum Doctor who sent me to see a Consultant and I had the op a year later , I wish I had it done years ago

SueDonim Wed 19-Jun-19 21:35:28

My mum had a hip replacement in her 80's, under spinal anaesthesia, and it transformed her life! One of the side effects was that she also looked ten years younger, because she was free from the dreadful pain and no longer needed painkillers. It really is life-enhancing.

Luckygirl Wed 19-Jun-19 22:48:49

Sorry to rain on the parade here ladies, but I must be the exception to the rule. Mine was done about 6 years ago, and it has given me nothing but trouble from day one. It is still very painful and I struggle to bend over. It has been x-rayed and looks fine - all intact and not loose. Personally I think they tweaked a nerve because the dreadful pain down the inside of my thigh started the moment I surfaced from the op and has been there ever since in varying degrees and depending what I am doing. Nothing to be done about it of course.

The only benefit I gained from the op was that my hip no longer locks into place like it used to do.

To add insult to injury, the surgery triggered atrial fibrillation and I finished up on the coronary care unit!

No-one else I know who has had a new hip has been anything but delighted with the result. Am I jealous? - you bet I am!!

Nannypammie Sat 22-Jun-19 20:19:20

Thanks for your responses.
I'm continuing to improve and feel stronger every day.

dragonfly46 Sat 22-Jun-19 20:25:35

My Dd had a hip replacement six weeks ago. She is 41. She was back at work after 4 weeks and is now holidaying in Cancun!